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Computer class with Stewart Taylor

2014-2015 Planning Committee Members

  President   Anthony Wise
  Vice President, Academic Affairs   Ted Lewis
  Vice President, Business and Finance   Ron Kesterson
  Vice President, College Advancement   Peggy Wilson
  Vice President, Information Services   Jerry Bryan
  Vice President, Student Affairs   Rebecca Ashford
  President, Administrative Council   Mary Bledsoe
  President, Faculty   Tyra Barrett
  Chair, Support Staff Council   Nancy Sutton
  Assistant Vice President, Academic Services   Lois Reynolds
  Assistant Vice President, Business Services   Renee' Moore
  Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Services   Leigh Ann Touzeau
  Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students   Mary Bledsoe
  Campus Dean, Blount County   Holly Burkett
  Campus Dean, Division Street   Esther Dyer
  Campus Dean, Magnolia Avenue   Rosalyn Tillman
  Campus Dean, Strawberry Plains   Mike North
  Dean, Business and Computer Technology   Cynthia Dempster
  Dean, Engineering and Media Technologies   Margaret Ann Jeffries
  Dean, English   Kathy Byrd
  Dean, Instructional Services   Dennis Adams
  Dean, Liberal Arts   Jonathan Fowler
  Dean, Mathematics   Nancy Pevey
  Dean, Natural and Behavioral Services   Kane Barker
  Dean, Nursing   Lisa Stamm
  Executive Director, Economic and Workforce Development   Teri Brahams
  Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Planning   Nancy Ramsey
  Director, Academic Support Services   Marilyn Harper
  Director, Advising   Rachael Cragle
  Director, Community Outreach and Donor Engagement   Pat Myers
  Director, Counseling   Elizabeth Firestone
  Director, Curriculum and New Programs   Judy Gosch
  Director, Financial Aid   Richard Smelser
  Director, Internal Audit   Suzanne Walker
  Director, Major Gift and Grant Development
  Director, Marketing   Julia Wood
  Director, Quality Enhancement Plan   Kellie Toon
  Bursar   Mandy Bentz
  Cohort and Certificate Specialist   Celeste Evans
  Dual Enrollment Specialist   Spencer Joy
  Faculty Representative   Ron Bridges
  Faculty Representative   Mark Fuentes
  Faculty Representative   Denise Reed
  Manager, Applications Programming Support   Susan Breeding