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English Language Testing

Michigan Test Dates

Friday, Feb 3 10:00am Hardin Valley ERC147

Monday, Feb 20 1:00pm Division Street DV164

Friday, March 3 10:00am Division Street DV164

Friday, March 24 1:00pm Hardin Valley ERC147

Monday, April 3 10:00am Hardin Valley ERC147

Friday, April 21 10:00am Division Street DV164

Test Reminders/FAQs

  • Students must have an appointment to test.
  • The Michigan Test is scored as a pass/no pass. A numerical score is not reported and students do not receive an official score report. Students will be notified via telephone or email of their scores. Scores are recorded in INB as a “0 – No pass” or “1 – Pass.”
  • Students may attempt the Michigan Test twice per academic year (August-July).
  • Degree-seeking and non-degree students must pass the Michigan Test or provide other proof of basic English proficiency in order to be admitted to the College. This includes admission into any credit-bearing course, including ESL and other learning support courses.
  • The Michigan Test is used to make a decision about admissibility to the College. Students will be required to meet all other Entrance Testing requirements prior to enrollment.
  • The Michigan Test is composed of one part: a 100-item multiple choice section covering reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.  Students are allowed 75 minutes to complete the multiple choice items.
  • On the day of their test, students should bring a #2 pencil and photo ID to the Testing Center.