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Sharing Calendars

Over the next few weeks the College will be moving our email accounts to the new 2013 Microsoft Exchange server and then onto Office 365. This will give us new opportunities for technology as well as functional options for users.  We appreciate your patience as we make these transitions.  At any time please contact the Helpdesk if you have issues by email at or 865-694-6537 or visit our webpage

This migration will create some temporary issues with previously shared calendars.  Users will need to access shared calendars via OWA for editing purposes. Previously shared calendars will still be available via Outlook Client (Outlook from your desktop), however you may find you do not have editing privileges from this view.  OWA should function with all the permissions you were previously assigned by the calendars owner.  We apologize for this inconvenience and are working with Microsoft for a resolution.  Please refer to the instructions below for accessing shared calendars in OWA.  You should find the new OWA functionality helpful with calendars.


Shared Calendars - Work-around

Note: This works best if done from OWA (Outlook Web Application available from the Pellissippi Homepage at the Webmail Link)

 1. Log into Pellissippi Webmail with your Pellissippi username\password. Click on Calendar.

 2. From here you will be able to view multiple calendars, unlike previous versions of OWA.  Calendars shared with you will display at the bottom left.  Simply click on or unclick a calendar to add or remove  that calendar's events from your calendar view. 


 3.  To edit an event, double click the description and choose Edit.


 4. To add a New Event, Right Click and choose New.  One the following screens you will have options to fill out for your event and can verify which calendar on which the event will display. Then make sure you SAVE in the top left hand corner.






New Shared Calendar Relationships:

 1. Log into Pellissippi Webmail with your Pellissippi username\password. Click on Calendar and then Share.


 2. Enter the email addresses for those you want to share your calendar at the top and choose the appropriate level of access from the right.  Then click Send in the top lefthand corner of the dialog box.


 3.  The recipients will receive the below message in the form of an email in their Inbox.  They need only to click on "Open this Calendar" to then have access to your calendar in their Shared Calendars under the Calendar View.


 4. At some point the user may be prompted for their Pellissippi username\password again.  Just re-enter this information and also try "Use another Account" with your credentials if still prompted.  This should just happen one time and will not be consistent with all users.