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Energy Savings

Computer Power Management

As a technology school our computer equipment has become a major consumer of energy on campus. Energy savings will be a cost savings for the college. We would like to make the following recommendations:

Office Computers

  • Users should set their monitors to use the power saving mode rather than screen savers during normal work hours. This is accomplished by customizing the desktop and changing the power saving options in Windows. Please choose from the appropriate Energy Star links to the right for step-by-step instructions for your operating systems. Once you have followed these instructions, if you still have questions, please feel free to call the HelpDesk.

  • Additionally, users are asked to turn off their computer (including monitor) every night. Automatic anti-virus updates etc. will need to be scheduled during your normal workday.

Computer Labs

  • All computer labs on campus should use power saving mode rather than screen savers on the monitors.
  • The college will not expect lab computers to be turned off overnight.

Instructions for Setting Power Management:

(From the government's Energy Star Website)


FAQ - Department of Energy