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About HelpDesk

Questions that can be directed to the HelpDesk:

  • Questions pertaining to computer accounts on Pellissippi State servers for all students, faculty and staff.
  • Questions pertaining to any of our computers on any of our four campuses regarding technical issues.
  • Questions pertaining to connecting to our servers from home and other internet providers.
  • Questions pertaining to these pages or their contents.
  • Click Here for Quick Access to Our Documentation: Student Resources and Faculty\Staff Resources

Questions that can be directed to other departments:

  • Questions pertaining to attaining a GED should be directed to the Learning Center.
  • Questions pertaining to Academic Assessment Testing should be directed to Joan Newman.
  • Questions pertaining to counseling or advising should be directed to the Student Assistance Center at 694-6556.
  • If you are having problems with your home computer, please consult your documentation or contact a local computer store.
  • For general information about Pellissippi State and for class information, see Pellissippi State's homepage
  • For Admission information, see the Admissions homepage
William G. Darby (Helpdesk Assistant) William
Angel Gardner (Helpdesk Assistant) Angel
Benny G. Hicks (Helpdesk Assistant) Benny
Mary Odom (Helpdesk Assistant) Mary Odom
Mike Cannady (Analyst) Mike Cannady
Nancy Rasnake (Manager)