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Listserv Etiquette

LISTSERV is provided as a service by Pellissippi State to aide in communicating relevant information regarding college activities, concerns, and notices by college employees. This allows for large distribution lists to be created and maintained for College business and use only. Examples of use are course section distribution lists which are create each semester for faculty use, departmental and global College population use and applications.

The LISTSERV is not intended for the following purposes:
  • Promoting or advertising specific products or services
  • Not intended as a forum to express personal opinions
  • Not intended to advertise or promote any personal business
Pellissippi State reserves the right to remove you from the Listserv if you do not follow these guidelines.


  • Please do not reply to the list with "me too" or "I am also interested" -- It is good Listserv etiquette to share responses with the entire list whenever possible, however, messages intended for an individual or small group of individuals should not be posted to the list (you can respond to a person of the Listserv directly without replying to the Listserv as a whole).  Please access the specific individual by looking up their address in the College's Global address book within the Exchange Server via Outlook or Webmail.
  • A "Reply All" action will send your response to all individuals on the distribution list. Only do this if that is your intention and your comments are necessary and/or appropriate for the entire list.
  • Messages intended for an individual or small group of individuals should not be posted to a Listserv list.
  • Messages cannot be recalled
  • Always be civil and respectful.

Tips & Guidelines for Listserv Messages:

  • Identify yourself and give contact information
  • Include a descriptive subject line
  • Keep your message brief or consider using a different media

Abiding by these guidelines will ensure that the Listserv is used as effectively as possible to answer questions and share information and ideas without creating excessive emails. 
The list's administrators reserve the right to delete subscribers who chronically ignore the guidelines set forth above.