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Outlook Web App (OWA, Webmail)

Below is the OWA login for PSCC Faculty and Staff:

 OWA Logon Screenshot

 And then your environment once logged in:

Enviroment Overview  Screenshot


1. "Quick" New Mail button – Click the + sign next to the New Mail hyperlink to generate a new email message.

2.   Folder pane – Create\Navigate between your Folders.   You  have a FAVORITES section as well.  Add folders that you use frequently from your folder listings by dragging and dropping.

3.   The Reminder icon Reminder Small  Screenshot Related to your appointments and tasks. This currently shows I have

1 reminder. Clicking on the icon reveals the reminder as shown here.  You may dismiss, snooze, or dismiss all.

 Reminder Large Screenshot


4.   Selected View pane – This section reflects all the messages currently in your “Selected folder” (the folder currently highlighted).  In the screen shot above this would be my Staff folder.

5.   Within the Selected View pane, the message being displayed in the Reading pane will be highlighted.  Notice there are check marks and a blue bar on the right side of the message.  The blue bar indicated an unread message.  The check mark indicated that the message is being viewed. You may right-click on any message in this view to reveal the context menu.  Below, you may delete, move the message to another folder, or set a flag for follow up. The RED X allows you to Delete the message and the FLAG marks the message for follow up.

Shortcut  Screenshot


 6.   Navigation bar – This is where you will navigate between mail and other features of

OWA.  OUTLOOK is for your mail, CALENDAR is the calendar or calendars you have

access to view, People allows you to create groups for sending messages, Newsfeed  will come later, SkyDrive is your Cloud storage space 5G, Sites takes you to SharePoint which we will use later.


3 dots  ScreenshotThe 3-dots take you out of CCP cloud space to the or the Microsoft Store. YES you can purchase apps at the Store but do not go here as there is a cost.  **Please note Pellissippi
does not support the purchase of apps**


Name  Screenshot

7.   To Open another Mailbox or Sign Out of OWA click on your name (Shown as Tracy Smith above). Clicking brings up a drop-down menu which allows you to Sign in to another mailbox (this is the Proxy access we had in GroupWise) or Sign-Out of OWA.

  Shortcut Auto  Screenshot



The GEAR icon shows a drop-down menu for multiple functions. You may Refresh your view, this is like checking for new mail

messages.  Set Automatic Replies is your Out Of Office setting location. The Display Settings allow you to modify the default view of the OWA layout. Manage Apps – to come later. Change Theme allows you to change the background theme of your OWA window within the browser. Options take you out of your OWA view into a 365 view for setting multiple options on your account.

 Account Shortcut Screenshot


The Options menu item takes you out of the OWA view into the 365 view.

This new window allows you to organize email, create groups, and BLOCK or ALLOW

messages (Junk mail settings).  The Right pointing arrow in the circle takes you back to the OWA view.  Arrow Screenshot Remember this symbol it will always take you back. Think of it as your Back Button on your browser.