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Complete this 3 -Step Process to Access your accounts

Step 1:  Look up your Username and P Number

 (You will need this information to complete process.)

Step 2:   Reset your password  

Step 3:   Wait 15 minutes then- Click here to create a New Password

 Needing assistance? Watch this Video Reset Password Video 

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Still having problems accessing your account?

Q. I received a “disabled” message.
A. This means you had 5 login attempts using an incorrect password. Wait 20 minutes and the security lock will release your account.
Q. I received a “password successfully changed” message, but I still can’t log in?
A. Delete your cache and cookies from your browser.
Q. I am a current student and I can access myPellissippi, but my password is not working for Email, online courses, wireless, or a campus computer or library databases?
A. Your password expires 90 days after you set it up.  myPellissippi is the only system that will let you log in with an expired password.  You will need to complete step 3 only to change your password if this is the case.
  Q. I’m not a current student but I can still access myPellissippi but not email, etc.?
A. Only current students have access to our active log-in systems such as email, D2L (online courses), library databases, wireless, or campus computers.
Q. What if I am trying to log in to get my transcripts and I'm not a current student?
  A. There is a different procedure for non-active students to request transcripts.  Click here and follow the instructions under Option 2.
Q. I am using my phone and I can't access myPellissippi and I'm getting a U portal error?
A. You cannot access myPellissippi when using a phone.
Note: Your password is used for all systems: myPellissippi, E-Mail, Online Courses, login to campus, computers and wireless access.
  • The Computer HelpDesk cannot reset passwords on the phone since the caller's identification cannot be confirmed.