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Helpdesk's Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty and Staff

How do I change my password?

  • If you are logged in on a PC on campus, you can press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and choose “Change a password” from the menu that appears.
  • In Outlook Web Access, click the settings wheel in the top right, and “Change password” will appear as an option on the settings menu.
  • Go to our online Password Change Utility page (also available via the Problems Logging In page).

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can reset your password using instructions you get via the link Problems Logging In? from any login screen or from our webpage menu.

What are Pellissippi State's password requirements?

Password must be at least 8 characters long. Password will need to contain at least one characters from each of these three categories:

  • English uppercase letters (A - Z)
  • English lowercase letters (a - z)
  • Numbers (0 - 9)
  • Cannot reuse previous 3 passwords
  • Cannot contain username, first or last name

Using numbers and a mix of upper and lower case letters in your password makes it harder for someone to guess your password.

How often will I have to change my password?

Passwords expire every 120 days. Faculty and staff are welcome to change passwords before they expire, to prevent possible stress of password expiration during a crunch time of the semester. If you login to your account on campus, you will receive a reminder notice to change your password beginning 14 days prior to expiration date. If you login only from off campus, you will not see these warnings.

How do I get Banner access?

Click here for instructions on Banner access.

How do I download MS Office apps for use on a laptop, tablet or home computer?

Pellissippi State Faculty and Staff now have Microsoft Office 365 accounts, which allows you to use Office 365 online apps and to download Office 2016 apps to personal computers, laptops, phones and tablets. Instructions are available here.

Can I access my H: drive from home?

Faculty and Staff can enroll in a PSCC service called Virtual Desktop, which enables access from off campus to personal H: drives and shared departmental network drives, and allows operations in Banner which are not otherwise accessible from off campus. Users can sign up for this service by following the instructions on Helpdesk’s Virtual Desktop webpage.

Does my H: drive have a size limit?

There is no standard size limit policy on the files in personal H: drives. As you see free space getting low, the system should allocate more space for you. If you find you are out of space, please contact the helpdesk.

Can I share files on my H: drive with coworkers?

Other employees cannot access files on your H: drive, but if you need to share files with other PSCC employees, a shared drive can set up for you separate from your H: drive. Your department may already have a shared drive which will meet your needs. To get access to a shared drive, or to request a new one be set up, please send an email request to

How can I get software installed on my office computer?

Send an email request to

Will PSCC install software which I use for PSCC work on my home computer or personal laptop?

PSCC provides faculty and staff with access to purchase Microsoft software at a greatly reduced price. This software is available through Information Services, and a list of the specific software and instructions on how to purchase it can be found on this webpage. If you have a need for other software, please contact your department.

My home computer or personal laptop is not working correctly, can Helpdesk assist in fixing the issue?

Due to Pellissippi State policies, none of our technical support staff are allowed to work on equipment which is not owned by the college.

Where is the Helpdesk office located on campus?

The main Helpdesk office is on the Hardin Valley campus, in room ER319. Helpdesk also has site campus locations in student open computer labs at Blount County—room BL174, Division Street—room DV208, and Strawberry Plains—room ST2654.

Will all my PSCC computer accounts have the same username and password?

Desktop computer login, myPellissippi, Outlook email and Webmail, Library databases from off campus, online courses (D2L), Banner, Banner Self-Service, and campus WiFi, should use the same username and password.

Will I have access to PSCC computer services such as webmail and library databases between semesters?

If you are full time or are currently on contract with PSCC, your accounts will be active between semesters. If you are not currently teaching or are not on contract with PSCC, your accounts will be inactive, and will not work for most services.

Can I change my Username? My name has changed.

You can have your username changed if Human Resources has changed your name in your PSCC employee records. To get your username changed, send an email request to Please specify your old name and your new name.

How do I connect to the campus wireless network?

While on campus, you should be able to access the Pellissippi State wireless network from any internet accessible mobile device. Faculty, staff and students should choose the PSCC wireless network and enter your PSCC username and password when prompted. Checking the "Connect automatically" option will eliminate the need to enter your username and password each time you connect in the future. However, when your password changes, the automatic connection will fail, and you will need to enter your new password on your device. Pellissippi State guests should use the PSCC_Guest network and enter a valid email address on the registration page. Registration for this network will allow access for only 24 hours. More detailed information about PSCC wireless networks is here

How do I access my PSCC email from off-campus?

You can access your email account by opening the Pellissippi State home page and clicking the WEBMAIL link at the top of the page.

What is the recommended web browser to use with PSCC Outlook Web Access?

Any current web browser should work fine.

Does my PSCC email account have a size limit?

Faculty and staff email accounts have no limit on the amount of saved email that can be stored.

How do I set up my mobile phone or Outlook on my personal computer to get my PSCC email?

To set up personal computers and devices for PSCC email, faculty and staff should use the information available on our Mobile email setup page. (email_migration (change that directory name) / mobile_setup_exchange)

How long will items in my Sent Items Folder be available?

Items which have been in the Sent Items folder longer than 60 days will automatically be removed. If you would like to keep copies of your sent items longer, you can move them to a different folder. Sent Items and Deleted Items are the only folders which are automatically cleaned out by the email system. Items in all other folders will remain until you delete them.

How long will items in my Deleted Items Folder be available?

Items which have been in the Deleted Items folder longer than 15 days will automatically be removed.

Why am I not receiving certain attachments with my E-mail?

Certain attachments are blocked by the server due to virus concerns. However, these files can be zipped then sent or received. Extensions blocked are .exe, .com, .vbs, .scr and others. If an attachment is blocked, you will receive an attachment in the E-mail named “Replaced Blocked File.txt”.

What email address do I use to send an email to all faculty and staff?

The address is, and we suggest always typing this address completely out and not allowing auto-complete to enter the address.

Will I be able to create personal Web pages on the PSCC server(s)?

Some faculty have personal webpages, please check your department for their policy.

Can I borrow a laptop from PSCC to take to an event off campus?

Faculty and Staff should contact Educational Technology Services department regarding availability of PSCC laptops for check out.

How do I access the PSCC Library databases from off campus?

In your web browser, go to the PSCC library page. When accessing PSCC Library databases from off campus, you will be prompted for your PSCC username and password.

How do I manage submitted forms in Dynamic Forms?

You can download our PDF Form Administrator's Manual for Dynamic Forms.

What are the guidelines for using a computer account at Pellissippi State?

All faculty and staff are responsible for following the Computer Usage Guidelines at

How is information services support organized at Pellissippi State? Who is responsible for what?

The mission of Pellissippi State's Division of Information Services is to provide leadership and support of all aspects of the college's information technology; including academic computing, administrative computing, data security, voice network, data network, video network, instructional technology, streaming media and multimedia services, and distance education.

The Division of Information Services includes three Departments:

The Applications Programming Support (APS) Department is responsible for design, implementation, and maintenance of all computer-based administrative information solutions, including the SunGard Banner system, and related administrative systems for General, Student, Finance, Human Resources, Financial Aid, and Advancement applications.

The Educational Technology Services (ETS) Department is responsible for providing instructional services to faculty, staff and students in support of the use of technology in the teaching/learning process. ETS supports tools for Multimedia Audio Visual support, Distance Learning and Instructional Technology.

The Network and Technical Services (NTS) Department is responsible for providing computer, network, and telephone services to PSCC campuses, in order to facilitate student success, lifelong learning, teaching, and the business processes of Pellissippi State.

The PSCC Computer Helpdesk is always your first point of contact for all problems or questions relating to computer services, equipment, and software. You may contact the Computer Helpdesk by phone at 865-694-6537 or email to