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Helpdesk's Frequently Asked Questions from Students

How do I find out what my username is?

On the myPellissippi login page, click "Look Up Username or P Number"

What is my P number?

It is your student identification number and is used in place of your social security number. You will need this number when requesting assistance from college staff. If you don’t know what it is, you can go to the myPellissippi login page and click "Look Up Username or P Number?" P numbers begin with a capital P, followed by 8 digits.

How do I change my password?

Go to the myPellissippi login page and click "Change Password".

What are Pellissippi State's password requirements?

Password must be at least 8 characters long. Password will need to contain at least one characters from each of these three categories:

  • English uppercase letters (A - Z)
  • English lowercase letters (a - z)
  • Numbers (0 - 9)
  • Cannot reuse previous 3 passwords
  • Cannot contain username, first or last name

Using numbers and a mix of upper and lower case letters in your password makes it harder for someone to guess your password. If there are five (5) unsuccessful login attempts within a short period of time, a security lock will automatically be placed on your account for ten (10) minutes.


How often will I have to change my password?

Passwords expire every 120 days. Students are welcome to be proactive and change them before they expire, because this can prevent the potential stress of password expiration during finals or midterms.


I can log into myPellissippi, but not my PSCC email.

When logging into your PSCC student email account via the webpage, you must type your complete email address on the login screen, along with your password. If you can get into all your PSCC accounts except email, you should contact the PSCC Computer Helpdesk for assistance.


Can I change my Username? My name has changed.

If you have legally changed your name, the PSCC Records office can help you start the process to have your username changed. You can reach them at 865-694-6568 or by email at


How do I connect to the campus wireless network?

While on campus, you should be able to access the Pellissippi State wireless network from any internet accessible mobile device. Faculty, staff and students should choose the PSCC wireless network and enter your PSCC username and password when prompted. Checking the "Connect automatically" option will eliminate the need to enter your username and password each time you connect in the future. However, when your password changes, the automatic connection will fail, and you will need to enter your new password on your device.

Pellissippi State guests should use the PSCC_Guest network and enter a valid email address on the registration page. Registration for this network will allow access for only 24 hours.


Are there computers available on campus where I can do school work and access the Internet?

PSCC provides Open Computer Labs for student use. You can find their hours and locations at this page.


Can I print from my personal laptop or tablet to a PSCC printer on campus.

Students also have access to Wireless printing when on campus. For information about printing wirelessly in student open computer labs, please click here, and for information about printing wirelessly in PSCC libraries please click here.


Can I store my homework and school files on a campus server?

Yes, each student has access to a "home" drive denoted as H: drive with 500 MB of storage available. This drive can only be accessed ONLY from PSCC computers on campus. This drive cannot be accessed from off campus or through personal devices using campus WiFi.

Students are also encouraged to store schoolwork files on their Pellissippi State OneDrive cloud drive. To get to your OneDrive, you can login to your PSCC email, and click the Apps icon (small 3 by 3 grid icon) in the top left of the screen, or you can go directly to and enter your PSCC email address. Files on your PSCC OneDrive will be accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection, but will only be available as long as your PSCC is active, while you are a student.


Does my H: drive have a size limit?

Students have a 500MB limit for files on their personal H: drive.


What are the guidelines for using a computer account at Pellissippi State?

All students are responsible for following the Computer Usage Guidelines at


Does PSCC provide space for PSCC students to set up personal Web pages?

No. Only students who are enrolled in a Web Design class will have this access. The instructor for this class will assign a username and password to access the class Web Server.


How do I access the PSCC Library databases from off campus?

In your web browser, go to the PSCC library page. When accessing PSCC Library databases from off campus, you will be prompted for your PSCC username and password.


My home computer or personal laptop is not working correctly, can Helpdesk assist in fixing the issue?

Due to Pellissippi State policies, Helpdesk is allowed to work only on college owned equipment.


How do I connect to Distance Learning class sessions remotely?

Some Pellissippi State Distance Learning class sessions are available via a web browser. For more information, please see PSCC's Adobe Connect page.


Do I have a Pellissippi State email account?

Yes, an email account is created for you automatically when you are accepted as a student. However, you must be currently enrolled in classes for the email account to be active. During semesters when you are not enrolled in classes, your email account and all email and contacts associated with it will be deleted from the mail server, so you should save copies of emails, files and contacts which are important to you before the end of your last semester at PSCC.


What is my PSCC email address?

Your email address will be in the format of Your username is provided to you upon admission to the college, and is the same one used to access myPellissippi.

Note: Logging in to email is the only time you must type the as part of your username.


My password is not working for email.

If you are a current student, and the password which logs you into myPellissippi does not work to log you into webmail, your password may have expired. Go to the myPellissippi login page and click “Change Your Password Here”. Once you change to a new password, the new password should work to log you into email, Online Courses (D2L), myPellissippi, campus WiFi, etc.

Note: If you are not registered for classes for the current semester or the upcoming semester, your account is not active and you will not have access to PSCC email.


How do I login to my PSCC email?

You can find the link for PSCC Webmail at the top of the college homepage. Once there, students should click Students (Outlook 365) Login here.


I want to receive my email through my phone, can I do that?

Yes. Our Outlook365 Mobile Devices webpage explains how to set up your mobile device.

Note: PSCC policy restricts Helpdesk from working on students' personal devices or home computers.


Does my PSCC email account have a storage size limit?

Yes. Each student account has a limit of 50GB. If you reach your maximum quota, you will not be able to send email, so for items you do not need to keep in your email account, you may want to delete them or save them offline.


Will the email in my Sent Items or Deleted Items folder ever be automatically cleared out?

No, since student email has been moved to Outlook 365, there is no automatic deletion of any email after a certain length of time.


Why am I not receiving some attachments with my email?

Specific kinds of attachments are blocked by the server due to virus concerns. However, these files can be zipped then sent or received. Extensions blocked are .exe, .com, .vbs, .scr and etc.


I can't find email messages I expected to receive. Where could they be?

Outlook 365 has two automatic mail sorting features that might be responsible for emails going missing from your inbox: a Clutter folder, and a Junk Email folder. Information about these features is on this page.


What do I do if I have multiple Outlook 365 email accounts?

Some users may use Outlook 365 for other email accounts besides Pellissippi State, such as email accounts with other schools or workplaces, or perhaps a personal Outlook 365 account.

If you have problems logging into or switching between multiple Outlook 365 accounts, visit You will need to enter the complete email address for the account you would like to log into, such as or, and Outlook 365 should identify the correct profile. At this point you might or might not be redirected to a specific login page, and you should enter the corresponding password to gain access to that account.

If you have already signed in to an Outlook 365 email account, your browser might automatically open that account, rather than letting you sign into your other account. If this happens, you should completely sign out of the first account, clear your browser's cookies and cache, close the browser, then re-start the browser and try again to log in ot the other account.

We recommend using a dedicated browser for each account. For example, you might always access your Pellissippi Outlook 365 email through Firefox, and your work Outlook 365 email through Chrome. This will eliminate potential cookies and cache issues that could be a problem in the sign off process.

You may find more help at Microsoft Help Site - Problems Signing Out of Office 365


My question is not answered here, where can I go for additional help?

Take identification and visit any of Pellissippi’s Open Computer Labs and a lab assistant will be glad to help, or send an email to