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Faculty and Staff Use Only: (Available July 1st 2014)

Laptops and all other mobile devices purchased by the college will be delivered to Information Services (NTS). Encryption software is added to every device where possible and every device is registered for tracking purposes prior to delivery to the user. Mobile devices that are compromised or lost should be reported immediately to the HelpDesk so that steps can be taken to erase these devices. Note: all devices will have encryption and passcode enabled. According to college policy 08:13:01, any mobile device (including personal mobile devices) with college email or access to FERPA information must have a passcode. Apps for a mobile device should be purchased through the VPP (Volume Purchase Plan) administered by Information Services when possible.

Purchasing Apps:

  1. Request an App by completing this Mobile App Request Form and returning it to the Helpdesk.
  2. Once HelpDesk receives the completed form the app will be ordered by VPP using Pellissippi's open PO
  3. When the order is received, the requester will receive information on accessing the App
  4. Once the App is installed, helpdesk will voucher the cost back to the requesting department's account.


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