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Telephones and Voicemail

How to access PSCC Voicemail

  1. Call PSCC Voicemail (Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System):
    • From your desk phone:   Dial 7500 or press the messages button on your phone.
      From any other campus phone:   Dial 7500
      From any off-campus phone:   Dial 539-7500
  2. If you are calling from any phone besides your desk phone, press * when Cisco Unity Connection answers.
  3. If prompted, enter your Connection ID (your 4-digit desk phone extension), and press #.
  4. Enter your password, and press #.

Voicemail Main Menu and Shortcuts

Key(s)   Action
1     Play new messages
2     Send a message
3     Review old messages
4     Change setup options
41   Change greetings
412   Turn on/off alternate greeting
421   Change message notification
423   Choose full or brief menus
44   Change transfer settings
5     Find messages
51   Find messages from a user
52   Find messages from all outside callers
53   Find messages from a specific outside caller

PSCC Telephone Directory

Instructions and Manuals for Cisco IP Phones

Any Model 69xx IP Phone

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
Manual (PDF)

Model 7965 IP Phone

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
Manual (PDF)

Model 7841 IP Phone

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
Manual (PDF)