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Virtual Desktop

Faculty and Staff Use Only:

What is Virtual Desktop?

  • Authenticates over secure connection using Active Directory accountCitrix
  • Supported browsers(Internet Explorer and Firefox) and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Access to all allowed network drives—H drive, shared dept drives, etc.

Items to Consider:

  • Does NOT provide access to the user's campus C drive or desktop
  • Blocks access to local (client) machine during virtual session, except for printing (may not be compatible with user’s printer)
  • No USB drives or other peripherals can be accessed while using Virtual Desktop (this includes USB wireless adapters)
  • Auto-logoff after 10 minutes of inactivity to provide access to other users (only 10 simultaneous desktop sessions available)
  • Works best using Chrome or Firefox browsers


Process for obtaining access to virtual desktop:

  1. Read Remote Acceess Policy 08:13:10
  2. Request access by obtaining VP approval, read policy and sign Compliance Document, forward to HelpDesk who will facilitate adding user to group.
  3. When access is granted, Helpdesk will email instructions explaining how to install Citrix receiver on user’s client (off campus) computer or connect directly at

VPN Access Information: