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Software Compliance and Disposal Procedures (Policy 08:13:07)

The standard desktop software load is covered by site license agreements negotiated locally or state-wide. Information Services is responsible for administration of and compliance with these contracts. Specialized software ordered for individual offices or departments is addressed here. Software compliance, including destruction of unused or unlicensed software, is the responsibility of individual employees.

Individuals with software that is no longer needed must email a notice of intent-to-destroy to Include information on software title, number of copies, and, if known, the version number, the license number, and purchase date.

Within one week, the individual will receive acknowledgement that the software has been removed from college inventory, or, alternatively, that it may be transferred. If a transfer is indicated, information will be provided on how to transfer the software.

Once acknowledgement is received, the individual is responsible for physical destruction of all media and related materials.