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Do you have the technology skills and information you need to succeed at Pellissippi State? Click below on each item listed in this Technology Checklist, to make sure you are tech ready!

What are a P number and username?

A P number is a number which Pellissippi State uses to uniquely identify you and your records. It is a capital letter P followed by 8 digits. A Pellissippi State username is automatically generated for students when they are accepted to the college, and includes one or more initials, the person’s last name and sometimes a number. This username is used to access PSCC resources.

Look up your username and P number

PSCC student accounts

The initial password for a student account will be the student P number with a capital P, followed by the # sign. However, before a student can login, that password must be changed. Once this is done, the PSCC username and password will allow access to many PSCC systems, including registration, course material, email, PSCC library resources, and wireless networks and workstations on campus. Helpful links to some of these systems are below.

Change your password | Your student account | Forgot your password?


myPellissippi is the interface to administrative records at PSCC, and facilitates access to services and information including student records, course information, registration, academic advising, financial aid, and more.

Brightspace/D2L Resources

Brightspace/D2L is the system used for online features of PSCC courses, including materials distributed by instructors, online quizzes and tests, assignment submissions, class discussion forums and more. D2L/Brightspace is utilized by our traditional face-to-face classes as well as online-only classes. Help is available below and inside the Brightspace/D2L system after login.

Take the Brightspace Tour | Printable Quick Reference Guide


Students are automatically given a PSCC email account before their first day of class. Login to webmail requires typing the full email address, such as and the PSCC password.

PSCC student email login | Using Outlook 365 | Connect mobile device to PSCC student email

How to get technical help at PSCC

The Information Technology Helpdesk is the first point of contact for all issues regarding computer services, equipment and software. The IT Helpdesk is reachable by phone, text message, online chat or email. In addition, face to face technology help is available in our Open Computer Labs on PSCC campuses. | | 865-694-6537

Computer basics

Most PCs in classrooms and PSCC Open computer labs are now running Windows 10. Other student computers for specialized purposes may have other operating systems, including MacOS and iOS.

Windows 10 at PSCC | Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum | Apple’s Mac Basics

Office 365 subscription

Each PSCC student is automatically registered for a Microsoft Office 365 account during the time they are at PSCC. This provides access to use online Office 365 apps and to download Office 2016 applications to personal computers, laptops, phones and tablets. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Skype for Business, and more.

How to download your Office 2016 apps | Login to your PSCC Office 365 account

General computer productivity software

Basic computer productivity software used at PSCC includes web browsers, Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

PSCC Microsoft Office Help | Microsoft Imagine Academy | Free training seminars at PSCC

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is utilized for the purpose of providing Pellissippi students and faculty with an online solution for conducting synchronous class sessions. You can participate in a class session hosted through Adobe Connect by joining in with your computer or mobile device. To learn more about Adobe Connect, please visit the support page available via the link below.

Adobe Connect Student Support

File Storage

Students have several options for storing their digital files and projects.


Microsoft’s cloud-based storage option, OneDrive, is included with the Office 365 subscription of each PSCC student. It provides:

  • 1 TB free storage space for each student
  • Ability to access files from any supported web browser on any device on or off campus
  • Option to edit files using online version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote
  • Option to sync OneDrive files with the student’s device running Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS

Login to your PSCC OneDrive

H: Drive

When on campus, all Pellissippi State Students have access to a networked file storage area called the H: drive. This area is storage on a server similar to your computer’s hard drive (C:). A student’s H: drive provides:

  • 500 MB storage space
  • Ability to access files quickly from any PSCC computer on campus, including classroom computers, lab computers, and instructor workstations for presentations
  • All H: drive files are backed up routinely.
  • The H: drive is NOT available when using personal laptops and mobile devices connected on campus via a PSCC wireless network.

Using your PSCC H: drive

Important Notes: