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Help for ITT Technical Institute Students

The recent closure of ITT Technical Institute has left ITT students and alumni in a difficult situation.

At Pellissippi State, we would like to help you continue your path to a college degree. Every ITT student and alumnus will be assessed individually to find the best path for you to get back on track to reach your academic goals.

While we can’t guarantee that all of your credits will transfer, we’re working to identify your ITT coursework that may be eligible for college credit in a Pellissippi State program. To receive credit for some courses, you may need to take an entrance exam or work with an advisor or Prior Learning Assessment specialist.

No matter what your individual needs, we want to ensure you find the help you need at Pellissippi State.

Where to Start

ITT students and alumni are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office for help in the application and enrollment process. You’ll need to apply for acceptance at Pellissippi State, but please contact Admissions to tell them that you are an ITT student. Pellissippi State has no application fee.

Admission Requirements

We understand that you may have difficulty obtaining your ITT transcript. We’ll work with you.  Please contact our Admissions Office if you have questions. All of our degree programs are listed in our College Catalog.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be an issue for you. Some ITT students have already used all of the federal financial aid — like Pell Grants — that is available to them. Our Financial Aid Office will be able to help you determine your financial aid options, as well as recommend Pellissippi State scholarships for which you may be eligible.

Credit Transfer & Prior Learning Assessment

Any of your ITT Tech classes will be assessed individually to determine if they will transfer for academic credit at Pellissippi State. You may need to take an entrance exam to qualify for some academic credits. Pellissippi State also offers Prior Learning Assessment, which could allow you to earn academic credit for life and job experience, certifications and prior education.

Speak to an Advisor

Pellissippi State’s advisors are trained to assist students who plan to enter the workforce or those who desire to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a Bachelor’s degree. An advisor will work with you to help you determine the best courses for you to take to get on track with the degree you’re working toward. 

More information about the closing and loan forgiveness:

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