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Academic Assistance for Pellissippi State Students for Success

Welcome to the Academic Support Center (ASC) at PSCC! The ASC at each PSCC campus offers academic support free of charge at all PSCC campuses. 

Information on Hours of Operation for all campuses are Contact Us & Hours of Operation tab to the left.

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Tutoring: Tutoring for all students at Pellissippi State is offered in a variety of subjects from History to Computer Science. This a service that is free of charge with highly qualified tutors. There is no need to set an appointment as we offer walk-in tutoring where tutors work with students first come, first service; work with students one on one or in small groups. To see the schedules and the subject offerings at each campus, click on the link to the left under Tutor Schedules

English Center: If you are looking for a place to write a paper with the guidance of a tutor to review your paper or guide you in the right direction, the English Center for you. Tutors are also available to review your rough drafts and offer tips to help you improve your work. Online access to a tutor is available through ascatutor@pstcc.edu. This service is also free of charge, and you simply email your paper to ascatutor@pstcc.edu.  A PSCC tutor will get back to you with suggestions for change within 24 hours. This is a great way to access a writing tutor if you are unable to physicaly come into the ASC on any of the campuses. 

Math Lab: Located on all 5 campuses are Math Labs that offer walk-in tutoring to students and computer access for math homework or quizzes. Tutors in all levels of math are available to assist you with questions. You can quietly work on your Math Lab work or homework, or you can work with a tutor for more individual help. We also offer calculators, if needed, while in the lab to use on loan.

Supplemental Instruction: Looking to improve your success with peer-assisted study sessions? Supplemental Instruction (SI) is just that, and offered in historicaly difficult courses. More information about SI can be found in the links to the left. 


Need a place to study? You can spread your books out and have a little quiet time or meet with a study group to prepare for a test. The ASCs have tables for student use, and group or individual study space is also available. 

Let us help you be successful in your classes at PSCC.

Want to make the most of your time in the ASC?

Look through our Tips link to the left for great information on how to prepare, what tutors can help with, and other helpful resources when working with a tutor.