A female instructor helping an older female with her studies.
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A younger female instructor helping a male student with his studies.

Tutoring Services

The Academic Support Center (ASC) offers FREE drop-in tutoring for all subjects taught at all five Pellissippi State campuses. Whether you are looking for a tutor for Accounting or Calculus II, there is a tutor available to assist you. You can look over what subjects are offered at each campus in the tab to the left, Tutor Schedules. There you will find subjects, tutor names, and schedules of when they are available at the different campuses. You may also find photos and individual schedules of our tutors under the Meet Our Tutors tab.  

Tutoring is provided by PSCC instructors, private tutors, and peer tutors who have an A or B in relevant coursework. All tutors have a recommendation letter from a PSCC faculty member. We have a great collection of tutors that work easily with students and will help you achieve your academic potential. 


Supplemental Instruction

Certain Faculty select students, called Supplemental Instruction Leaders, who attend all class lectures and hold 2 - 3 weekly study sessions in the ASC. These study sessions allow students to compare notes and solve problems together. The goal of SI is for students to actively involve themselves with the course content and develop effective study skills.

Tutoring Tips  Check the Supplemental Instruction link to left for SI schedules.