A female instructor helping an older female with her studies.
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Meet the Academic Support Center Team

ASC is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced tutors.

Learn more about each person by reading their descriptions below:

picture of Edwar Aguiar

    Edwar Aguiar -Tutor II - Hardin Valley Campus

Edwar is passionate about technology, Networking & Security. This is his second year working as a Networking & Spanish Tutor for the ASC. In addition to his degree in Information Technology from Venezuela, he is also a proud graduate from PSCC where he got his AAS in CSIT Networking and Communications Systems. He tutors Windows Professional Courses, MS Office, MS Access, A+ Hardware & Software, Networking Fundamentals, Routing & Switching, and Security & Wireless. As a native Spanish speaker, he also helps students in their Spanish Class. From the professional perspective, he has the certifications Network + and Security + from CompTIA. Edwar Aguiar, happily married and with a child of seven years old, enjoys playing soccer in his spare time.

Cullen Briere

    Cullen Briere - Tutor I

Cullen has earned his Associate Degree from Pellissippi State in 2013. He tutors in Academic Support and has assisted statistics instructors by facilitating study groups for thier classes.

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    Cathy Hurrell - Tutor III

Cathy earned her B.A in botany from Miami University in Oxford Ohio. She was a biology lab instructor for six years and a science lab technician for ten years at Pellissippi State. She has tutored biology for eight years and currently is auditing Anatomy and Physiology. She leads a study session for the A&P class on the Hardin Valley campus in addition to tutoring on the Division Street campus.

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    Ed Broxson - Peer Tutor

Ed has worked in the ASC for three years. Ed Broxson will soon be completing his computer science degree at Pellissippi. He tutors the software side of computer science including; Java, Android, C++, C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Database Design and MS Office.

picture of Pam Carter

    Pam Carter - Tutor II 

Pam has been a tutor with Pellissippi State for 21 years. She has almost 40 years experience in teaching mathematics. She tutors Algebra, Precalculus, Business Calculus and Statistics. Her husband also works at the college teaching math. Pam works at the Hardin Valley and Blount campuses.

picture of Janet Westbrook

    Janet Westbrook - Tutor III

Janet has been a tutor with Pellissippi State for five years. She is proficient in all areas of mathematice through calculus III, Spanish, French and Chemistry I. Janet works on the Hardin Valley Campus.

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    Evan Creel - Tutor III

    Evan Creel - Tutor III

Evan earned his M.A. degree in English, and is currently an instructor of ESL classes at Pellissippi. Evan tutors writing for students in both ESL and traditional English classes at all levels along with grammar, reading, and literature.  He is also an experienced Spanish tutor. He lived in Spain for a time, and that experience of living in a new culture led to an interest in ESL teaching.

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    Evan Creel - Tutor III

    David Gray - Tutor III

David earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tennessee and his Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. David tutors math, through Calculus I, at the Academic Support Center as well as Developmental Math in the Transitional Studies Department. David enjoys showing students that many of the more advanced aspects of math are simply applying the simple aspects of math (which they already know) in more complex ways. David has been married for 40 years, and he has three children and four grandchildren.

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    Pamela Carter - Tutor II

Pamela has worked with PSCC for 21 years and is looking forward to 20 more! She started teaching at Pellissippi State in Jan of 1994 and began tutoring that fall. Pamela has almost 40 years’ experience in teaching mathematics. Pamela enjoys working in all levels of Algebra, Precalc, Business Calculus and Stats. Her husband has also been teaching math at Pellissippi for 23 years and their son was a math tutor as well.

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    Jessica Dean - Tutor II

Jessica is a graduate student at Middlebury College's Bread Loaf School of English. She tutors Writing and English at the Magnolia campus, UT, and Central High School. She is involved with Pellissippi State's Hiking and Outdoors Club and Good Food for All Initiative.

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    Jack Heck - Tutor III

Jack is a retired mechanical design engineer from the Oak Ridge National Lab and the Y-12 Plant with 30 years of experience. While practicing as a mechanical engineer, Jack met the requirements and passed the test to become a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Tennessee. In 1971, Jack earned a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and in 2007 he earned a Masters of Mathematics degree from the University of Tennessee. Jack also has 20+ hours of graduate credits in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to working as an engineer, Jack was an electronics instructor in the United States Air Force, and served as an avionics maintenance technician in the Air National Guard both in Niagara Falls, NY and in Knoxville.Jack is able to tutor Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, some elementary Chemistry, and electrical circuits

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    Maggie Kubarewicz - Tutor II

Maggie is currently in the CSIT Programming tract at Pellissippi. She has a Bachelors in English and Psychology. Maggie mainly tutors in Computer Science and is competent in Java, Databases, web design, and some scripting.

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    Nathan Martindale - Peer Tutor

Nathan is currently a dual-enrollment student; he is being homeschooled but is taking a calculus-based physics class at Pellissippi. Nathan tutors math up through calculus, Microsoft Office, and computer science. Nathan hopes to make computer science his career path, and he enjoys helping people with it!

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    Chuck McGee - Tutor III

Chuck has been tutoring at Pellissippi since January of 2011. He was a 20-year USAF carrer officer, a fighter pilot and flew with Delta Airlines for 13 years. Chuck tutors Writing, Math trough Calculus I, Accounting, Statistics, Economics, American and World History and German. He enjoys reading and plays in a rock and roll band.

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    Philip McKnight - Peer Tutor

Phillip has been a peer tutor at Pellissippi State for just over a year. He is a computer science major and has roughly two semesters left at Pellissippi before he transfers to The University of Tennessee. Phillip and his lovely wife had their first child on December 30, 2014. He is looking forward to working with and helping students any way he can.

Janie Stewart

    Janie Stewart - Tutor III

Janie is a proficient tutor in math through Calculus I and Statistics. Both of her degrees are in math. Janie has a bachelor's from the University of Tennessee and a master's from the University of Kentucky.

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    Susanna Yonder - Tutor I

Susanna is in her second semester as an Anatomy and Physiology tutor. She is passionate about Anatomy and Physiology and believes that it is fascinating. She is currently studying at Pellissippi, but will be transferring to the University of Tennessee where she plans on earing a B.A.in recreational therapy. Susanna enjoys teaching and helping people study and learn all aspects of Anatomy and Physiology.

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    Adelajda Zareba - Tutor IV

Adelajda, also known as Ada, has been tutoring in general Chemistry and Math since 2012. Ada tutors at the Division Street Campus and she loves it there. She is happy to give personal one-on-one attention to students. Ada is also an adjunct chemistry instructor at the Hardin Valley Campus.

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    Laurie Spoon - Tutor

Laurie tutors in Mathematics at the Academic Support Center. She tutors from Developmental thru Calculus III. She also tutors Elementary Probability and Statistics. Laurie worked 3 terms as a Supplemental Mathematics Instructor in the SI program and during those terms, she also tutored in the math lab which offers help thru Pre-Calculus. She has worked in the main Academic Support Center as a Tutor since June of 2013, but combines her SI experience and hours in the math lab. She has been employed at Pellissippi State Community College as a tutor since 2012. Laurie graduated with an Associates of Science in May 2014 from Pellissippi State, and now attends the University of Tennessee and is seeking a Doctorate in Pure Mathematics.

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    Mary Bogart - Tutor III

Mary has worked as an Academic Writing tutor at the Blount County Campus for four years. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio where she received a B.A. in English with a secondary teacher certification from Baldwin-Wallace College as well as an M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Cleveland State University. She has enjoyed working in the education field for the past 20 years as a middle school and high school English teacher, college writing instructor, and writing center tutor.

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    Anna Childs - Tutor III

Anna has been an instructor of writing and literature at PSCC for twelve years, and have taught anything from traditional composition courses to learning support writing to hybrid/web classes. She obtained her MA in English with a concentration in American Literature from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and holds a BA in English from UTK as well. She is a strong creative writer, and enjoys writing poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Anna is married to her husband of nineteen years, and they live in Oak Ridge with our three children, a dog, and three cats.

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    Ronald McNair - Tutor III

Ronald is a Research Scholar at the University of Tennessee whose academic interests’ are Nutrition research and music composition and performance. He has degrees in music composition and music theory from the University of Memphis, also a biological sciences degree from Pellissippi State Community College where he tutors biological sciences including anatomy and physiology, biology, microbiology, cell biology and nutrition. As a research assistant in the nutrition lab of Dr. Gouxun Chen, his investigation centers on the development of HPLC protocols for amino acids and retinol. Other duties are assistant director and composer of the University of Tennessee Studio Orchestra.

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    Leonard Butts - Tutor IV

Leonard tutors in writing for all classes including English, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, business, and science. He is also a tutor in speech preparations. Leonard has a Ph.D. in English and an undergraduate degree in journalism.