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Majoring in Studio Art or Art History?

clay statutesWhen you apply for admission to Pellissippi State, you will be asked to complete a Major Designation form. Be sure to check the appropriate box labeled either Art Studio or Art History. This ensures that you will be assigned an academic advisor in the visual art discipline.

Sign up to be advised during the pre-registration advising periods for upcoming semesters. Most art majors continue on to a four-year institution. Bring an undergraduate college catalog from the four-year institution that you have selected to complete your art degree (B.F.A. or B.A.), to your advising session.

Check with your advisor during the semester if you have concerns or questions.

Required Courses

The Curriculum below leads to an Associate of Science degree from Pellissippi State, and is designed specifically for students who wish to pursue a B.F.A. or B.A. in a studio arts discipline. These courses provide an essential foundation and fulfill the discipline requirements at both Pellissippi State and most four-year institutions, including the University of Tennessee. Students may also consider following the Tennessee Transfer Pathways track in Art (Studio).


English Comp I (ENGL 1010)
English Comp II (ENGL 102)
Literature Elective 
Mathematics Elective 
Public Speaking (SPCH 2100)
Natural Sciences I & II with Lab Electives
History Sequence I & II Elective
Social/Behavioral Science (2) Electives
**Foreign Language


ART 1010 - Drawing I
ART 1020 - Drawing II
ART 1110 - Foundations I (2D Design)
ART 1120 - Foundations II (3D Design)
ART 2010 - Survey of Art History I
ART 2020 - Survey of Art History II



ART 2130 - Painting I
ART 2140 - Painting II
ART 2410 - Sculpture I
ART 2210 - Ceramics I
ART 2220 - Ceramics II
ART 2120 - Life Drawing​
​ART 2420 - Life Sculpture​
ART 2950 - Intermediate Design & Color
ART 2000 - Special Topics in Studio Art: Blacksmithing
ART 2000 - Special Topics in Studio Art: Metalworking
ART 2000 - Special Topics in Studio Art: Watercolor

**Note: Foreign Language electives are only required when pursuing a B.A. from any 4-year program or a B.F.A from the University of Tennessee. Please see your visual art adviser to know if taking Foreign Language courses are required for graduation. ​

Please note: It is especially important that you meet with your art advisor to make sure your course of study is correct for your individual transfer plans.

For a detailed description of these courses and other courses available at Pellissippi State, please review the course listings in the college catalog.