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Chinese caligraphy
Variations, Pellissippi State's chorale students


The history faculty at Pellissippi State is committed to using the past to prepare our students for the future. In an increasingly global society, all of us need more information about the diverse societies inhabiting our planet. Without an understanding of our own culture, we will find ourselves poorly prepared to interact with the rest of the world.

American History 2010 and 2020 provide American students with a basic understanding of our country's past and introduce international students to the American world-view. An alternate view of American history is available through African-American History 2040. Western Civilization 1010 and 1020 move beyond American concerns to address the broader perspective of the Western (European) world, and World History 1110 and 1120 provide students with a basic introduction to the civilizations of Japan, China, India, and Africa as well as Europe and the Americas.

In conjunction with the English Department, the history faculty participates in a number of Learning Communities. Western Voices, a six-hour class offering, allows students to combine their study of Western Civilization and World Literature.  American Mosaic, also a six-hour class offering, allows students to combine their examination of American history and literature.

Whether you are motivated by intellectual curiosity, the wish to understand trading partners on the other side of the globe, or the desire to complete your basic history requirements before transferring to a four-year university, Pellissippi State offers the courses you need.