Web and Social Media Services

The Marketing and Communications Office maintains Pellissippi State’s home page and official social media accounts, as well as overseeing all of the College’s Web pages. These outlets are used to provide timely and accurate information about the College to a variety of audiences and to share the institution’s many stories and achievements. We recommend that you read Pellissippi State’s Web and Social Media Policy and Web and Social Media Best Practices before beginning a Web page or social media site on behalf of your area or organization.

While the webmaster manages the College’s website as a whole, each area is responsible for maintaining the content of its own Web pages. However, the webmaster is available to offer support in the following ways:

  • Providing training to faculty and staff on working within the site’s content management system.
  • Assisting staff in making minor updates to pages.
  • Working with others to create a new area website.
  • Helping with the reorganization of existing Web page content.
  • Assisting the area’s writer in providing Web copy.
  • Posting information that has not already been disseminated through a news release.

To request assistance on maintaining your Web pages or with answering questions regarding the College’s home page, please email webmaster@pstcc.edu or call Erin Simpson at (865) 694-6671.

Marketing and Communications utilizes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to reach audiences in a convenient and timely manner. Requests for social media postings should be made to socialmedia@pstcc.edu or call Carrie Mills at (865) 694-6405.

Contact Us

Julia Wood
Director, Marketing and Communications

J.L. Goins Administration Building
Room 264
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