Engineering and Media Technologies
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Students at the sound production booth with video monitors and control boards.

Audio Production Engineering

The Audio Production Engineering concentration educates students in the art of audio engineering and production by utilizing the skills and knowledge used in music production, post-production, broadcast, live sound and field recording using commercially popular equipment and software. Basic and advanced training in acoustics, studio recording, location recording, editing, mixing, live sound mixing, producing, sound design, media management and logistics management are covered. Course content includes five avenues of audio production: recording, broadcast, sound design, live sound and production management.


Careers In Audio Production Engineering

  • Live sound engineer
  • post-production audio editor
  • studio engineer
  • sound designer
  • broadcast audio engineer
  • field audio engineer
  • audio system technician
  • media management
  • producer
  • production manager



Media Technologies/Audio Production Engineering Concentration, A.A.S.