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Network Support Group

The group provides voice, video and data network services. The voice services include automatic call distribution (ACD) services, four-digit dialing for campuses, and related reporting and accounting systems. The data network services include building a 10-gig campus backbone, support for over 2500 switched 10/100/1000 data ports, Metro E services for three site campuses, wireless access at all campus locations, network security services, and internet connectivity currently at 200Mbps.

Randy Clark
Network Manager
(865) 539-7110
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Andy Bevers
Network Technician
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Tiffany Flach
Telecommunications Specialist
(865) 539-7111
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Charles Richardson
Telecommunication Technician
(865) 694-6600
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Les Adams
Telecommunications Technician
(865) 694-6600
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