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Edit Course

The Edit Course function allows you to:

  • Edit the Navigation Bar (Edit links, change resolution, change template)
  • Manage your course files (Upload Files/Folders, Delete files)
  • Manage Your content (Add topics, Add Modules, Delete Course Material)
  • Copy Course Components (Copy components from course templates or other course offerings into your own course offering)

To access Edit Course, From your Course Homepage, use one of the following options:

  • Click the Edit Course/Pencil icon to the right of any course in the My Courses widget on your My Home page
  • Select the Edit Course link in the lower left navbar inside any course

You will then be taken to the Course Info page or the main Course Admin Tools page (depending on which link you used)

Edit Course screen-screenshot

The Edit Course Area has several links for important class editing and actions

Course Offering Information

This page allows you to make a course active so students can see it in their My Courses list.

Manage Files

The Manage Files tool is the file management system for your course. Within this area, you can organize and upload files associated with your course offering. You can access this page by clicking the Files link.


The Groups tool is where you can create groups, assign students to groups and set up group discussion and dropbox folders.


Here is where you can select a homepage or create a custom homepage for your course homepage.

Import/Export Copy Components

This page will allow you copy components from another course on the server into this course. You can also export the course as a SCORM zip file or import a SCORM zip file into the course. For more detailed instructions, visit the Copying Course Components info page or watch the tutorial movie.


This page allows you to edit links on your course NavBar, to access this page select the Navbars link. Your NavBar has four NavBar Locations, which contain the actual links. Each NavBar Location is set up independently by clicking on the tabs or the gray image.

Select which links you would like to appear in each area. Click Preview to view your NavBar before you click Save.

edit navigation bar button


Provides you access to active or inactivate tools in the course. You can also edit the tool help

User Progress

View all of the user activity for your students here


Create, edit or delete widgets that are used on the course homepage