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Entering Grades

The Enter Grades area is where you actually put grades in the items for your students to see. When you click on Enter Grades, you will see this toolbar at the top:

Grades - enter grades toolbar

  • User List gives you the list of students and their grades. It is the "main" page of this area
  • Import Grades allow you to import a CSV file into the Grades tool
  • Export Grades allows you to export the grades from D2L as a CSV file for backup or use in Excel or other grading programs
  • Display Options allows you to turn on and off grade items from YOUR view
  • Switch to Spreadsheet View enables a keyboard friendly way to enter grades for students

User List View

The main page of the Enter Grades area is the User List.

  • Clicking on the Grade icon in the grade category or item Grade icon allows you to add/edit grade values to the categories or items.
  • Clicking on the Statistics icon Statistics Iconallows you to view the statistics.
  • Clicking on a name allows you to enter/edit grade values, comments, final grades and other user functions on a user by user basis.

Grades - User List - screenshot

Other icons on the User List screen area:

  • The eye icon Eye Icon beside a users name represents that the user can see their final grade.
  • The calculator icon Calculator Icon beside a users final grade represents that the final grade is no longer up to date and needs to be recalculated.
  • You can click on the flag icon Flag Icon on Grades List page to flag a student for later action or as a reminder.
  • You can email students from this page by clicking the checkbox by their name and pressing the email icon Grades - email student iconat the top or bottom of the listing.
  • Under the Grades View drop-down, you can select to show all users in your course or you can isolate the users by groups by selecting the groups in the drop-down. Grades - View by options menuNote: You must have previously created groups in the Classlist to use this option.

Exporting Grades

  • Click the Export Grades icon Grades - export icon
  • Select the details you want to export
  • Select the grade items you want to export
  • Click Export to CSV button
  • A new window will open with the link to the export file
  • Grades -export file window - screenshot
  • Click to download and save the file

Importing Grades

  • Click the Import Grades icon Grades - import grades icon
  • Browse to locate file
  • Check the option to create new items, if desired

Grades - Import Grades screenshot

  • Press Next
  • Confirm import options to finish

While D2L can now create columns from an imported file, it is still recommended that you Export your D2L Grade book and use that file to build your Excel calculations as this will save you a lot of time and frustration. When you are ready to re-import it you should Save it under a new name (letters and numbers only) and delete any extra columns. Only Numeric, Pass/Fail, Selectbox, and Text grade items, and the adjusted final grade can be imported.

Display Options

Clicking the Display Options buttonGrades - Display Options button will open a new window on top of the Grades screen.

  • Select which Grade items/categories you want to display or not display in YOUR VIEW.
  • Click Save

Grades - display options

Spreadsheet View

Clicking the Switch to Spreadsheet View button Grades - enter spreadsheet view button will open a new view of the User List in Enter Grades. This view is very keyboard friendly. You can use the Tab key to move across rows and the Enter key to move down a column to quickly and efficiently enter grades for a class.

Grades - spreadsheet view screenshot