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Entering Final Grades

This tutorial discusses the process for calculating and releasing final grades to students in D2L. It is important to note that you must still enter the official final grade for each student in Banner as well.

You can calculate final grades by individual students or by the entire class (you can filter/sort the entire class by Users, Sections, or Groups on the main Grades page by using the "view by" drop down menu).

Overview video

Video URL - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOlvbRu2lOc

Verify your grades settings are correct

Screenshot of Quiz Settings

Although you probably visited the grades settings area at the beginning of the course, it is a good idea to go back now and verify that all of your settings are correct. Start out by clicking the Grades link in the course navigation bar. Then, choose the Grades Settings link from the menu in the left column. We'll start by navigating to the Calculation Options pane.

  1. Make sure that you've chosen the correct Grading System - either Weighted, Points, or Formula. If you need to change this setting, you'll want to head back to Manage Grades afterwards and make sure that your weights/points are correct and match what is detailed in your syllabus.
  2. Determine whether you want to release the Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade. We recommend the Adjusted Final Grade option because it allows you to make modifications to the final grade before releasing it to students.
  3. Decide whether to drop or include ungraded items from the final calculation. If all students are required to complete all items in the gradebook, then you probably want to include ungraded assignments in the final grade. If you allow students to choose between a number of optional assignments, then you'll most likely want to drop ungraded assignments.

Set display options

Screenshot of Grades Display Options

Next, you'll probably want to visit the Org Unit Display Options pane and double check the display options for the student view. What information you display to students is entirely up to you, so your settings will vary from the screenshot above.

Edit the final grade properties

Screenshot of Final Grades Properties

Now that we have looked at the gradebook calculation options and display properties, it's time to edit the Final Grade item properties. Access the Manage Grades area (Grades, Manage Grades), then click on the title for the Final Calculated or Final Adjusted Grade item.

  1. Change the default name for the grade item if you want.
  2. If you want students to be able to earn over 100% for the final grade, make sure to check the Can Exceed option.
  3. Change from the default grade scheme to a different scheme if desired.
  4. Decide whether or not to display the grade distribution or class average to your students.

Calculate the final grade for all students at once

Screenshot of Final Grades Calcuation for entire class

Navigate to the either the Enter Grades or Manage Grades page when you're ready to calculate and release final grade, then click on the Grade icon for the final grade item.

You can can calculate and release final grades for all students at once or for each student individually. In this step we'll focus on working with all students at once. This is the recommended procedure since it is easier and less time-consuming than releasing each student's grade individually. Please read the next section if you need to work with individual students' final grades. In the example below we discuss releasing a Final Adjusted Grade. If you are using the Final Calculated grade option, please skip step 2.

There are three steps to releasing final grades.

  1. Recalculate the Calculated grade.
  2. Transfer Calculated Grades to Adjusted Grades and make any necessary modifications.
  3. Release the Final Grade to students.

Now let's look at each step in more detail. 1 - Calculate the final grade by clicking on the Recalculate All button at the top of the center column.

Note: If you have selected to automatically keep final grade update in the Grades Settings the final grade page will already be kept up to date and you do not need to click on the Recalculate All button.

2 - Then, click on the Transfer All button to transfer the grade D2L calculates to the Adjusted column. At this point you're able to add or subtract points from either the total earned (numerator) or total possible (denominator) points columns. Click the Save button after every few grades to avoid accidentally loosing any work. 3 - finally, click the Release All button when you are ready to show students their final grades.

Calculate the final grade for an individual student

Screenshot of Final Grades for one student

Now let's take a look at how to calculate and release final grades for individual students.

It is important to note that if you work with an individual student's grade as in the example below, Recalculating/Transferring, or Releasing All (as described in the step above) will overwrite any individual changes you've made before.

Access the Grades tool by clicking on the Grades link in the course navigation bar. Then click on a student's name in the User List.

  1. Click the calculator icon next to Calculated Final Grade to update the calculations.
  2. Then click the Transfer Grade icon to Transfer Calculated Grades to Adjusted Grades. You can now adjust grades in this area as needed.
  3. Then check the checkbox to Release Final Adjusted Grade.