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Using the Grades Schemes

When you enter the Grade Schemes area, you will see the Schemes toolbar along the top:

Grades -schemes icon bar
  • Schemes List is the "main" page for the area and lists all organizational level schemes and any course specific schemes already created.
  • New - allows you to create a New Scheme
  • Copy - allows you to copy an existing scheme as a starting point for a new scheme
  • Delete - allows you to remove a Grade Scheme from a course (you cannot remove Organizational grade schemes)


To create a new grade scheme for your course:

  • Click on the New Course Scheme icon located at the top of the screen. Note: Course schemes created within your course, can only be used in your course.
  • Enter in a name for the scheme. E.g. CHEM1010 - Fermi.
  • Enter in a short name (optional). E.g. C1.
  • Enter in a symbol type in a symbol (E.g. F, D, C, B, A) in each symbol text box, a corresponding start percentage and color for each grade range.
Grades - new scheme
  • To add more range options, click on the Add Ranges link on the bottom. To remove range options, click on the trash can icon in the Remove column on the far right.
  • You will be prompted to save your changes. Click on Save.
  • You will then need to go to the Item's properties and choose the New Scheme from the drop down list of available schemes and Save for it to take effect.


If you select the Copy icon, you will be asked which existing scheme you wish to copy. Once selected, the options are just like the New scheme screen above.


If you select the Delete icon, you can check the checkbox next to any course scheme and then choose to delete it from the course.