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Using the Manage Files Tool

The Manage Files tool has been revamped for version 9. Some of the new features include:

  • An improved user interface where you can quickly view all of your files and folders
  • The ability to drill down into folders without reloading the page
  • Preview, edit, and rename files all from from within the tool using the contextual menu
  • Quickly sort your files by name, size, type, or date last modified
  • Create new files from within the Manage Files tool

Drill-Down Navigation

screenshot of Manage Files area
  • Make sure the the folder tree is visible. If not, click on the Show Tree Show Tree icon.
  • Click on the Expand iconExpand icon next to a folder name to view its subfolders.
  • Click on ta folder's title to show its contents in the File grid.

Sort Files

screenshot of Manage Files area
  • Sort files by name, size type, or date modified using the corresponding headers in the File Grid.
  • Reverse the sort order by clicking on the header again.

New Contextual Menu

The contextual menu gives you quick access to common functions such as editing or deleting files.

  • In the Manage Files area, locate the file you wish to modify in the File Grid.
  • Click on the drop-down icon to load the contextual menu for that content item.

Contextual menu

  • Delete icon is used to delete a file.
  • Cut icon is used to cut a file so that it can be copied to a new location.
  • Download icon will add the selected file(s) so that they can be downloaded.
  • Edit Icon will load a pop-up HTML editor, allowing you to edit the original file. This option is available for .TXT and .HTML files.
  • Rename Icon will let you rename a file or folder.

Create a new file

screenshot of Manage Files area
  1. In the Manage Files area, navigate to the folder where you want add a new file.
  2. Click the screenshot of Manage Files area New File icon from the folder bar.
  3. Enter a File Name and create your content using the HTML Editor. To create a TXT file, append .TXT to your file name.
  4. Click Create.
screenshot of Manage Files area

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You can also access the video at the address below - http://tinyurl.com/2auy5j8