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Viewing Quiz Statistics

From the Manage Quizzes page, click the Course Statistics icon

quizzes toolbar

The Course Statistics page displays with the average grade for each quiz. Click on a quiz name to view the individual quiz statistics.

  • Click the User Stats Tab to see the Class Average, a rough score distribution in bar graph format, and the final score of each student's attempts. The final score is dependent upon the choices you made in the Attempts Tab of the Quiz's Properties.
  • Click the Question Stats Tab to see the average score on each question.
  • Click the Question Details Tab to see break downs of answers for each question (graphs are created if available for that question type). This Tab will provide the same statistics as going to Grade Quiz, Questions' Tab and into a question

Note the system will export the statistics from the tab you are currently viewing (for example, User Stats).

course stats

Exporting Quiz Statistics and Scores

There are four kinds of Quiz Exports you can use. If any of your students are Jr., II, or III then there may be extra columns for some of your students in the Excel File, you can use Excel's Data Sort to quickly identify these students and fix the data accordingly.

  1. User Stats - display the final score the student earned
  2. Question Stats - display the average score on the question
  3. Question Details - display the number of students that chose each response on a given question
  4. Student Attempts - displays a line of Excel for each question for each student. This can get very large with just a few students. If you have more than 500 Attempts and 20 Questions then this file may be to big for Excel.

The first three kinds of Exports are accessed through the Course Statistics Page. The Tab you are on when you click Export is the CSV file that will be generated.

The Fourth kind of Quiz Export is accessed through the Grade Quiz feature and then click the Export To CSV CSV filebutton. This will generate a CSV File that has a row for each student's answer to each question on each Attempt the student submitted. 10 Questions with 20 Students and 2 Attempts per student is 400 rows.

Using Excel to Analyze Exports

Once you saved your CSV Export file to your computer, you may be lucky enough to open it immediately and have all the information in the correct columns, but depending on how your browser is set you will need to Import it into a blank Excel file.

  1. Open a Blank Excel file
  2. Go to Data Menu and choose Import External Data and Import Data
    excel data import
  3. Change the File Type to All Files
    excel data file types
  4. Now locate your file in your computer and then click the Open Buttondata open
  5. Choose Delimited and Next
    excel data
  6. Choose Comma and Next
    excel data
  7. Choose General and Finish
    excel data general
  8. Choose OK
    excel data ok

These eight steps will allow you to Open the Export file in Excel so that you can analyze and create graphs in any way that you want. The Student Attempt Export file may be to big for Excel and require the use of Access and Importing External Data into a New Table.