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Using the Quiz Tool

There are several steps involved in creating a quiz for your course. Each step is described in greater detail in the sections that follow.

  • Create your quiz questions. You can create questions in either (A) the Question Library, or (B) directly in the quiz, Respondus, or other quiz software.
  • Create a quiz by:
    1. Defining a quiz name and general properties,
    2. establishing the quiz restrictions,
    3. establishing the quiz attempts,
    4. establishing the quiz reports, and
    5. adding questions to your quiz and setting up a quiz layout.
  • Preview the quiz.

Clicking on the Quiz link in the Navbar will open the Quiz tool. The toolbar across the top contains these links:

The three main areas of the Quiz tool are:

Manage Quizzes - the main area for the Quiz tool

Question Library - access to the central repository for your quiz questions

Course Statistics - access to statistics about the quizzes in your course

Manage Quizzes

The "main" area when you click on the Quiz link is the Manage Quizzes area. Its functions are:

Quizzes toolbar
  • Quiz List - the listing of all quizzes in the course
  • New Quiz - allows you to create a new quiz
  • Copy Quiz - allows you to copy an existing quiz as a starting point for a new one
  • Re-Order Quizzes - allows you to change the order of the quiz listing
  • Delete Quizzes - allows you to delete quizzes from the course
  • Quiz Categories - allows you to create categories for organizing quizzes in the course

The View by pulldown menu allows you to change how the quizzes are displayed:

  • By Availability displays quizzes as either current, past or future
  • By Category displays quizzes grouped by their category

Quiz List

If you have a quiz already created, you will see it in the list. Below the quiz is the dates and times of availability.

To the right of the quiz name are several icons and a record of the graded and total attempts on the quiz.

Quiz listing

Creating a New Quiz

When you click on New quiz, a set of tabs is available to work through the quiz creation process.

Quizzes - new quiz tab bar

On the Properties tab, you can set the quiz name and category, header/footer message, and the grade item, if any.

Quiz - edit quiz properties

On the Restrictions tab, you set the dates and time of availability, quiz duration, special access and conditional release options, if any.

Quizzes - restrictions tab

On the Submissions tab, you can create a new submission view, which will provide feedback and the score to your students after they take the quiz.

Quizzes - submission tab

On the Layout/Questions tab, you can change the number of questions per "page" of the quiz as well as confirm the total amount of points, add questions and edit existing questions.

Quizzes - layout tab

Copy Quiz

To copy a quiz,

  • Click the Copy Quiz icon
  • select an existing quiz as a starting point
  • Name the new quiz
  • Make quiz active if you want students to be able to take it
  • Check if you want to edit the newly copied quiz
  • Click Save
quizzes - copy quiz

Re-Order Quizzes

To re-order the quiz listing:

Click Re-Order icon

Select quiz(zes) with checkboxes

Click on Up or Down arrow to move the order


Quizzes - Reorder

Delete Quizzes

  • To delete quizzes:
    Click Delete quiz icon
  • Select quiz(zes) by the checkboxes by their name
  • Press Delete icon (tiny trashcan) at top or bottom of listing
  • Save

Quiz Categories

To create a new category

  • Click Quiz Category
  • Click New Catory button
  • Name category
  • Save

To delete a category

  • Click Quiz Categories icon
  • Select category with checkboxes
  • Click delete icon (tiny trashcan) at top or bottom of listing
  • Save

To re-order categories:

  • Click Quiz Categories icon
  • Use the numbers in the Sort Order column to set order
  • Save

Quizzes - categories