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Faculty Tutorials

Attendance - Attendance Users Guide

Browser Check - read the info page | Perform the Browser Check (this link takes you to the elearn.pstcc.edu server)

Calendar/Schedule -  Calendar User Guide

Classlist - Classlist User Guide

Course Content Content User Guide | Quick Start Guide

Conditional Release - Conditional Release User Guide | best practices for conditional release

Discussions - Discussions User Guide

Dropbox - Dropbox Users Guide

Edit Course - Course Administration User Guide

Email - Email Users Guide

Gradebook -   Grade Settings | Final Grades  | Grades User Guide| Faculty Quick Reference

Groups - Groups and Sections Users Guide

HTML Editor - User Guide

Intelligent Agents - Intelligent Agents User Guide

Learning Object Repository - LOR Users Guide

Manage Dates - User Guide

Manage Files - User Guide

News - News Users Guide

Notifications - read the info page

Quizzes -  Quizzes User Guide | Faculty Quick Reference

Surveys - Surveys Users Guide