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Using the Classlist


The 'Classlist' tool provides a directory of course participant information. Instructors can easily email course participants via the 'Classlist' as well as view student profiles and user progress.

Another useful feature in the 'Classlist' is the ability to identify users who are online. Users who are currently online are shown with a green circle to the right of their name. Users who are offline appear with a gray background.

How to View User Progress:

Click on the View Progress' icon classlist to the left of a user's name.

Instructors can see then see information about how the student is progressing in the course. Data available includes:

  • the number of assignments/quizzes that have been submitted
  • how many discussion topics have been viewed by the student
  • content topics visited
  • checklist items completed
  • grades in the Grades tool
  • quizzes attempted/completed
  • surveys completed

Use the pulldown menu to change to what tool you want for the progress report.

User Progress option menu

Click the 'Classlist link located on the navbar to return to the Classlist.

Communication with other Users

Course participants can be contacted directly from the 'Classlist'. This can be extremely useful when summoning a group of users into a chat room to discuss a group project or give users give immediate feedback, because you can identify the users who are online.

To email from the Classlist:

  1. Click the checkbox to the left of one or more participants
  2. Click the Email icon at the top or bottom of the Classlist

To send a mass mailing to course participants, use the Email everyone on this tab at the top of the list.

IMPORTANT: Due to FERPA, we strongly recommend that if your email is about grades or classwork, you either send an individual email to a student or use the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) field for sending messages to multiple students.

Classlist Emailing options- screenshot

How to Send BCC Messages

From the Classlist (as well as Dropbox and other tools), you can easily send messages to multiple students (as seen above). If your message pertains to grades or class progress, FERPA laws suggest that best practice is to use the BCC field rather than just the To: line. This means you will simply cut the list of student address from the D2L generated email and paste them into the BCC line

Select students from Classlist (or other tool) as shown above

Click the Email icon at the top or bottom of the list and an email window will open

Select all of the addresses in the To: field and CUT them (choose Edit -> Cut from menu, RIght click and choose CUT or use Cmd+X keyboard shortcut)

Click in the BCC field and then PASTE the messages there (choose Edit -> Paste from menu, right click and choose PASTE or use Cmd+P keyboard shortcut

email BCC field

How to View the Classlist Report:

The Classlist report provides instructors with a summary of the number of users (broken down into roles) who are currently enrolled in the course as well as list of users who are no longer enrolled.

  1. Click on the Classlist Report iconclasslist report icon on the top of your Classlist. Summary information will be displayed.
  2. Click Close to exit the classlist report.

Classlist Summary Page