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Using the Groups Tool


This tool is useful for setting up and organizing groups in your course. The use of groups allows the instructor to restrict access to all the D2L tools on the basis of certain groups. The Manage Group tool helps you create groups within your course.

From inside your course homepage, click on the Edit Course link on the navigation bar.

Click on the Groups link. You can now manage the following options:

  • Create a Group Category
  • Enroll group members
  • View a list of groups and their members for a group type
  • Edit group type
  • Delete a group

Create Group Category

This is the first step in creating Groups for your course. Group Categories will allow you to set the parameters regarding your groups.

  1. Click the Edit Courselink located on the course navigation bar.
  2. Click the Groups link.
  3. Click the Add Group Type button. You will see the Add Group Type screen.
  4. Type the Group Type Name and Description in the corresponding text boxes.

Select the Enrollment Style from the drop down menu, according to your preference.  Enrollment Style options include the following:

  • # of Groups No Auto Enrollment: Choose this option if you want to specify the number of groups for the system to create and assign students to groups manually.
  • Groups of #: Choose this option if you want the system to randomly create groups of a particular size.
  • # of Groups:  Choose this option if you want to specify the number of groups for the system to create.

There are 2 other Enrollment Styles, Self Enrollment - maximum x people per group and Self Enrollment - x groups listed.

  1. Type the desired Enrollment Quantity. Enter a description.
  2. Click the Add Button.  You will be brought back to the Manage Groups.
  3. Your new Group Category will be shown.

Creating Groups - Screenshot

Create a Group

If you have already created your groups, and find the need to add an additional group to your group type you can do so via the Manage Groups and Sections.

  1. Enter the Group tool from the Edit Course screen
  2. Click the Add Group button by the appropriate category
  3. Enter a Group Name in the area provided.
  4. Optionally enter a Description for the group.
  5. Click the Add button.  You are brought back to the Manage Groups screen.  Your new group should appear in the list. 

Groups enrollment-screenshot

Enrolling Users into Groups

This area allows you to manage the group enrollment of your participants. If you wish to change the enrollment you must click on the enroll icon located beside the appropriate group category. This will bring you to a class list for that group category. You will see all of the participants on the class list along the left hand side and a list of groups within that category along the top row. To arrange particular participants into specific groups simply check the appropriate boxes and select update at the bottom of the page.

Groups - enrollment

View Group Membership

To see a list of the groups and their members for a specific group category:

  1. Enter the Group tool from the Edit Course screen
  2. Click the number to the left of the group name
  3. A screen will open with the current members listed.

Edit Group Category and/or Group Names

To Edit Group Category or Group name:

  1. Enter the Group tool from the Edit Course screen
  2. Click the name of the category or group name
  3. Edit or change the name and description and group code.
  4. Save to complete the changes

Discussion Forums and Dropboxes

You can choose to create restricted dropbox folders and discussion topics for your groups when you create them. If you want to do this at a later date, you can by editing the Group category and selecting Create Dropbox folders and/or Create Discussion forums.

To edit the Discussion Group/Section Restrictions, from the edit Group Type menu, select the link. You will be taken to a new page. Here you can restrict Forums and Topics based on Groups.