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Using the Calendar Tool

The Calendar is a tool you can use to manage course-related dates and events. You will be able to view project due dates, virtual office hours, exam and other date-related information hat your instructor posts through the calendar tool in your courses.

Access Calendar/Schedule

To access the Calendar/Schedule from the main Course Home click the Calendar link in the upper left navbar or use the Events button on the homepage widget.

The main Calendar page displays:

calendar tool screenshot

Use the Display Options link to choose the events you want to view in the Calendar.

Export your calendar events

To export your calendar events into a format you can import into Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal and other applications:

  • Click the Export iconexport icon in the top bar of the Calendar tool. The export screen will open.
    Exporting Calendar events
  • Choose your event range
  • Choose which calendar(s) you wish to export
  • Click Export in the lower left to save the file.
  • Import file according to the calendar software instructions.

View and print your calendar

  • Select the view you want using the tabs at the top left.
  • Click the Print linkPrint Calendar link on the top right side of the page. A new window will open.
  • Choose to print the displayed page using the Print button in the bottom right.