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Using the Grades Tool

 Download Grades Quick Start Guide

The Grades page details all marked assignments and quizzes, and can include statistical information about each.

To access Grades, select the Grades link from the main Course Home page.

grades link in the navigation bar

grades page

View the class average/ other statistics instructor has released

You can choose to click the statistics icon (statistics icon ) beside the Category's Name, or beside an individual assignment to view statistics for a particular quiz or assignment. The Instructor can choose to allow or not allow students the ability to see statistics.

What are the most commonly used columns?

Grade Item refers to the Assignment or Item's Name that has been graded.

Points shows the total score over the total points possible for the Item.

Grade may be the percentage or a letter grade based on the scheme chosen by your instructor (NOT ALL INSTRUCTORS WILL ENABLE THIS COLUMN).

Comments may be posted by the instructor regarding your Assignment or Item.

Note: Weight Achieved and Weight toward final grade columns may be shown if your instructor has enabled them.