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Using the Email Tool

Get to D2L Email

See messages sent to me

Reply, Reply All or Forward messages

Delete a message

Create folders

Move a message between folders

What can I do with the Settings

How do I send an email?

Use the Classlist inside a course.

Known problems with D2L Email:

  • When I click on Compose, Reply, Reply All or Forward nothing happens. This is because you are Blocking Pop Ups. Your Browser, Browser Toolbars by Yahoo, Google or MSN, Firewalls and Antivirus can all have a Pop Up Blocker and you need to disable all of them.

Download Email Quick Start Guide

Get into D2L Email

Access your D2L email tool from the Email link on your top navigation bar.

email link in the navigation bar

See messages that were sent to me

  1. Click on the Inbox Folder

    image indicating where on the screen the Inboxes are located, upper left corner of the frame

  2. Click on the Subject line of the email message.

    image indicating where the subject line appears on the screen, center of screen

  3. Sometimes the Message Preview Pane, located at the bottom of the screen, will not display properly because it is hidden at the bottom of the screen and appears as a small slice of the screen. To fix this, rest your mouse on top of the gray bar that is just above Message Preview. Hold down the Left Mouse button and drag it up the screen so that you can see the rest of the message. You can also change your Settings from the Message Preview pane to a Viewing Messages in a New Window.

Reply, Reply All or Forward messages

You must be viewing the message, before doing any of the following steps. Learn how to view a message.

Once you are viewing the message, you can click on the icons across the top of the screen for any action you might want to take.

  • The Reply Icon will open a new window that will have the sender's email address already loaded into it. When you are done, remember to click Send.
  • The Reply All icon will open a new window with everyone's addresses already loaded into the correct fields.
  • The Forward Icon will open a new window with the old message in it, but no email addresses in the "To:" field.
  • The Move to Trash Icon deletes the message by moving it to the Trash folder
  • The Mark Unread icon changes the status of the message to Unread
  • The View Printable icon opens the message in a printable format
  • The Change Course Offering Association icon allows you to "attach" the message to a specific course.

sample email message screen shot

Delete a message

When you are viewing a message you can click on the Move To Trash icon and this will move the message to the trash.

You can also delete several messages at once by using the checkboxes next to each message and then the Trash Can Icon above the messages.

screen shot that highlights the check boxes and delete icon to be used for deleting messages

Create folders

  1. Click on the Folder Management icon from the main D2L Email screen.

    Folder Management Icon is cirlced

  2. You can use the Edit Icons along the right side of the screen to change the Folder Names. You can also click on the New Folder icon along the top of the screen, which will bring you to another screen where you can create Folders to organize your email Messages and your Contacts.

    Folder management screen shot

  3. If you click on the New Folder Icon a screen will come up asking you to choose if this folder is to help you organize the Messages or Contacts. Then you will need to give the Folder a Name and decide if you want the new folder to be organized underneath (inside of) another folder (Parent Folder). You can click "Save and New" if your are creating several folders at a time or just "Save" if you only need to create one folder. After clicking on Save you will need to click on Message list to return to the main email screen.

    Screen shot of new folder interface

Move a message between folders

Once you have your folders built (see creating folders for more information) you can now return to the Message List and use the check boxes next to each email message and then use Move To drop down menu to select the folder that you want the messages moved to. They will then automatically move to the desired folder.

move to folder drop down menu screen shot

What can I do with the Settings?

There are several things you can do with Settings, but we highly recommend

Checking the two check boxes that will let you and

Take a few minutes to read through the other options and set it up to your specifications.


screen shot of these choices