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Student Account Information

Every Pellissippi State student has an account on the elearn.pstcc.edu system, however not every course you are enrolled in will use the online environment.

This account (both username and password) is used for accessing many other campus systems like WebMail and campus computers.


You were automatically given a Pellissippi State email username when you registered for classes. This is also your username for the online course environment. If two or more students have the same combination of initials and last name, other letters are used to make a unique username.

Your Pellissippi State username will most likely be your first initial, your middle initial and your last name in all lowercase letters. In the case of duplicates, numbers will be added to the end.

For example: Marvin S. Martian would be msmartian and if Marsha S. Martian comes along, her username would be msmartian1

If you do not know your username, you can look it up.


New Students have their password set to a capital P, plus your student ID number, at the start of their first semester. It has expired and must be changed.

Returning Students may have their same password from the previous term. We strongly recommend you change your password at the start of every semester so it will not expire during the term and interfere with your progress.

Change your Password (opens a new window)
(FIREFOX/MOZILLA USERS: The password change utility works but you might see an error message when you try to return to the starting page.)

Troubleshooting login problems

  1. The first questions to ask yourself are:
    • Did I enter my username with all lowercase letters and no spaces?
    • Did I change my password inside WebMail first?
  2. If logging in fails but you do not get any error messages, then the problem could be browser settings. Visit the Browser Check to ensure your browser is set up properly.
  3. If you cannot log in and you do get an error message that your username or password is incorrect, then please contact the Helpdesk at 865-694-6537 or helpdesk@pstcc.edu.