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What is the Math Compass test?

If students do not have current ACT/SAT scores, students will take a COMPASS test.  Find out more about the Math COMPASS test here.


What is the Math Placement Test?

Students with scores below the minimum math score in either the ACT/SAT or COMPASS must take the Math Placement Test to determine their initial math course placement.


Preparing for the Math Placement Test

Below are activities, tutorials, and a practice test to help you prepare for the Math Placement Test.  Use the Activities section to review important math topics and skills.  The Practice Placement Test is for you to take and score to estimate how you will perform on testing day. 



Online Calculator

Integers and Order of Operations

Practice Problems: Order of Operations

          Fractions, Decimals, Percents and Proportions

Online Tutorial:  Proportions and Percents

Practice Problems:  Fractions, Decimals, Percents

Practice Problems:  Proportions

         Solving Equations

                         Online Tutorial:  Linear Equations

 Practice Problems:  Balance Scales

                         Online Tutorial:  Linear Inequalities

                         Practice Problems:  Solving/Graphing Linear Inequalities


                         Online Tutorial:  Linear Equations

 Online Tutorial:  Systems of Equations

 Practice Problems:  Graphing  

                              Graphing Answer Sheet


Practice Placement Tests

 The Practice Test below is broken into two sections.  On testing day, the test will be given in one part covering topics from courses 1-5.

                         Practice Test Part One: Courses 1-3 (Answer Key Included)

                         Practice Test Part Two: Courses 4-5 (Answer Key Included)

 Strategies for Success

Before you take the COMPASS Test, review the Tips for Taking COMPASS Tests.  If you are taking the COMPASS or Placement Test, watching this Test Anxiety Video will help you prepare for the stress and anxiety you may experience while testing.