Reading Resources


What is the reading placement test?

Sample the Compass reading test.


Warm Up and Practice Exercises

Below is a list of activities, tutorials, and practice tests that will help prepare you for the Reading Placement Test.  Just click on the yellow text to go to each website and follow the directions. Once you have completed each link, move on to the next one. By the end of this tutorial, you should be ready to take your test with much confidence! There are also some extra activities at the end if you would like more practice. Good luck!


Pattern Memory (Students will click link and begin by clicking start) – See if you can beat the high score on this game that will help kick start your memory!

Speed and Focus Drill/ Brain Game – Here is another game that will help strengthen your memory.  Get those brain cells working!

 Vocabulary Practice (After the link loads, select “3 at a Time” at the top of the page)

Root Word Practice (Students will click link and begin by clicking start) – Here is some practice with root words and their meanings. See if you can get them all correct!  

Compass Practice Reading Test (This practice test is from the actual website that designed your placement test – Compass Reading Diagnostic) – Read the directions and click on the practice test link. After you have completed the practice test, click on the answer link to check your answers. Good luck!

Reading Comprehension Practice – Here is another practice test. The answers are at the bottom of the page.


Strategies for Success

Watch this Test Anxiety Video to help prepare for the psychological stress of taking tests.

Please read these Test Taking Tips about how to take a test effectively.