Below are resources that have been selected by the members of AITP specifically for their utility to students in Computer Science. If you have a resource you would like to see posted here, please, .

  • General

    • — School calendar, news, email, and other information.
    • CSIT@PSCC — The Pellissippi State CSIT website, with department news and course and instructor information.
    • — Information about AITP, its benefits, and how to join - straight from the source.
  • Jobs and Internships

    • RecruitWise — From March 3, 2009 presenter Glenn Zahn, RecruitWise provides East TN companies with technology professionals in the roles of development, infrastructure and leadership.
    • HERE@ORNL — From February 4, 2009 workshop guests from ORNL, website contains application and information for CSIT internships at ORNL.
    • Y12 Student Programs — Y12 offers several opportunities for student internships. Find more information at the link to the left, or search available positions here.
  • Miscellaneous

    • — From October 28, 2008 workshop guest Laura Hughett, has information on the Agile development process.
  • Web

    • W3Schools — Excellent reference, tutorials, and try-it-yourself demos.
    • — Home of the PHP manual, an indispensible resource for PHP programmers.
  • Mobile

    • Android Developers — Developers site for Android, contains SDK download and reference guide.
    • PSCCNewsReader Source — From March 16, 2010 workshop guests Everett Green and Ken Dyess of Pathos Mobile Solutions, Eclipse project folder containing source for RSS news reader Android mobile application. (ZIP, 47KB)
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