Faculty Council

February 5, 2002

I.The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Leon Jones at 3 p.m.

II.The minutes of the Dec. 5, 2002 Faculty Council meeting were approved as amended.

III. Officer Reports

President Lisa Bogaty reported that despite the state’s financial woes, Dr. Edwards says the college will have sufficient funds to finish out the year.

Bogaty also presented a motion from Steering Committee:

Motion 1

Resolved, that the Policy and Procedures Manual reflect that only tenured faculty vote on candidates for tenure.

Motion carried.

IV. Standing Committee Reports


Janice Rowland, chair of the Promotion-Tenure Committee, announced that portfolios of candidates for promotion and tenure will be available in the Media Center from Feb. 11-22 and up until the peer group meeting, which will take place during the week of Feb. 25-Mar. 1.

High Performance Teaching

Chairperson Joan Easterly reported that the recent workshops were well attended. Vida Hashemian plans an upcoming presentation, perhaps on the topic of optimizing images for the web.


Plans for the booksale are proceeding well. Dates have been set for the sale on each campus, committees have been formed, and Chairperson Betty Bumgarner reminded faculty to donate books. Dates for each sale can be found on the Faculty Council web site.

V.Unfinished Business

President Lisa Bogaty reported that faculty developing web courses are required to sign work for hire and copyright contracts, but modifications to the details in the contracts can be made. Anyone who desires to make such changes needs to see Dr. Bruns or Dr. Adams.

VI.New Business

Officer Elections

Nominating Committee Chair Leon Jones presented the following slate of candidates for 2002-2003 Faculty Council offices:

Kathy Byrd--President-Elect

Rick Bower--Communications Officer

Cata Folks, Recording Secretary

The candidates were elected by acclamation.

Administrative Council Study

Ann Munz, President of the Administrative Council, presented information regarding the state appropriation process for community colleges and its ramifications for Pellissippi State.Munz voiced a need for greater parity among the schools and encouraged Faculty Council to pay attention to what’s happening to PSTCC in the appropriation process.

SACS Self-Study

Self-study director Nan Burwell discussed some of the results of the SACS self-study, the work that remains, and the upcoming visit by the SACS team.

Student Perception of Faculty

Mary Monroe-Ellis reported for the Evaluation Committee regarding the appearance of individual and departmental means on the Student Perception of Faculty reports received by faculty members in Fall 2001 and Spring 2002. According to the Policies and Procedures Manual and members of the Evaluation Committee, the report should reflect only the following: the number of students answering a given question, the number who answered in each category (excellent, good, fair, poor, not sure, etc.) the percentage who answered in each category, and typed comments.

After meeting with members of the committee, Dr. Bruns agreed to the elimination of the use of means, but he maintained that percentages which compare the responses received on each question by an individual to others teaching the course and others in the department would be beneficial.

Motion 2

Resolved, that the college use the Student Perception of Faculty report that was originally approved, which does not include comparative data.

Motion carried unanimously.


Rosalyn Tillman informed Faculty Council that Project Grad, a summer institute aimed at preparing high school students for the next semester of academic work, will be held at the Magnolia Campus June 3-28. The curriculum is currently being developed, and more information will be forthcoming.

VIII.The meeting adjourned at 4:04.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Byrd

Recording Secretary