Pellissippi State Faculty Council

February 9, 2005

Distance Learning Classrooms, all campuses


     I.     Call to Order                            Kathy Byrd                              3.15 pm


    II.     Approval of Minutes                 Kathy Byrd

Ø      approved pending amendment to report of Evaluation committee to read “The committee will renew its efforts in

March and continue them in the Fall Semester 2005.”


   III.    Officer Reports


·        TBR Representative                  Dave Vinson

o       Referred faculty to his email report of last week


·        President                                  Kathy Byrd


·        Salary list—Now on reserve at the ERC on each campus.  Will be available beginning 2/10/2005             and interested parties need to bring ID for the purpose of viewing the list.

·        From Learning Council

            Enrollment figures are:  1% decrease from Spring semester in headcount, 3% decline n FTE.  33%             increase in the number of students enrolled in web courses

·        From TBR

                                    Possible change in faculty representation on Board of Regents.  Based on procedure within THEC,

                                    TBR is considering a system whereby there would be two faculty regents each year.  A new

                                    member would be elected each year and would serve for the first year what might be termed an

                                    apprenticeship.   That member would attend meetings but would not have a vote.  There would be

                                    a second faculty regent, who had already served an ‘apprenticeship’ year.  He or she would serve

                                    as the voting representative at TBR meetings.

·        From other groups in Nashville

·        In the Governor’s budget he has proposed a 1% raise with a one time bonus of 1% as well.

·        Senate Bill 148, sponsored by Sen. Fowler, calls for a moratorium on the development of online courses at TBR institutions.

o       MOTION:  That Faculty Council send a letter to the Education Committees of the Tennessee General Assembly, and to the respective sponsors of Senate Bill 148 and its counterpart House Bill 0605, regarding concerns surrounding the moratorium proposal.             Motion Passed



  IV.     Committee Reports


·        Steering Committee                  Kathy Byrd

MOTION: Faculty Council supports the idea of the college implementing an honor roll, dean’s list, or comparable recognition for part-time students.                                Motion Passed


·        Adjunct Faculty                        Jonathan Morrell

o       The search is underway for a new adjunct faculty representative


·        Promotion-Tenure                    Don Thomas/Janice Rowland

o       Peer review packets will be available from February 21 to March 4, 2005, and peer voting meetings will be held at times to be determined during the week of March 14-18.


·        Student Scholarships                 Jonathan Lamb/Tony Crossland

o       Still accepting book donations and dates for each Book Sale have been posted


·        Rules                                        Don Thomas

o       As Steering Committee requested, the Rules Subcommittee on a Faculty Senate has completed a draft of a trial constitution that will be brought before Faculty Council at next month’s meeting.


·        Nominating Committee             Jonathan Fowler

o       Bill Brewer was presented as candidate for Recording Secretary for 2005-2006.  No other nominations came from the floor; therefore, Bill was duly elected to the post.  Donn King was presented as candidate for Communications Officer for 2005-2006.  As no additional nominations were made, he was duly elected.


·        Evaluation                                 Wanda Scarbro                                    no report


·        Faculty Forums                         Paul Baxter/Elaine Oswald


·        Kathy Byrd made the following announcements: 


·        workshop on TCREF-ORP transfer, presented by Morgan-Stanley financial adviser Randall Halvorsen, 3:30 March 15 in Distance Learning classrooms

·        Empowering Educators reading group had first meeting 2/8/2005, with more to come.


·        Summer Issues                         Don Thomas


o       Reported that the committee had suspended its operations pending the decision regarding adoption of the Faculty Senate format


·        RODP/Online Courses             Paul Ramp                                no report


    V.    Unfinished Business                                                                                          none


   VI.    New Business                                                                                                   none


  VII.    Announcements                                                                                                none


 VIII.    Guest Speaker                          Jerry Bryan, Vice President of Information Services

Ø      Vice President Bryan issued handouts, that described the college computer replacement policies, including the use of funds from the TAF (Technology Access Fee)


   IX.    Adjournment                                                                4.25 pm