Faculty Council

March 5, 2002

I.The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Leon Jones at 3 p.m.

II.The minutes of the Feb. 5 Faculty Council meeting were approved.

III.Officer Reports

President Lisa Bogaty brought forth the following motion from Steering Committee:

Motion 1

Resolved, Faculty Council, out of concern for the future academic integrity of this college, expects to be involved in decisions about the implementation of all projects related to academics as outlined in the Defining Our Future document.

Motion carried.

As a recent member of a SACS visiting team, Bogaty offered some observations about the upcoming SACS visit from a committee member’s perspective. She also suggested that Faculty Council should arrange to put fresh flowers from their gardens in the hotel rooms of the members of the visiting committee. The PowerPoint slides of Bogaty’s presentation can be accessed from the Faculty Council website. The SACS visiting team will be on campus April 28-May 1.

IV.Standing Committee Reports

Faculty Forum

On March 13, Dr. Otis Stephens, UT professor, will discuss the constitutional issues arising from September 11 in the Goins Auditorium.

Faculty After Hours

The next gathering will be April 5 beginning around 3:30 at the Holiday Inn at Cedar Bluff.

High Performance Teaching

Vida Hashemian will present “Optimizing Images for Web” from 2-2:50 Tuesday, March 19 in GN 225 I. Only 11 spots are available.

V.New Business

The TBR Defining Our Future document is on the Faculty Council website. Reading it will prepare faculty to ask questions of TBR Academic Vice President Paula Short when she holds a teleconference on the document.

VI.The meeting was adjourned at 3:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Byrd

Recording Secretary