Faculty Council 

March 5, 2003

I.The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Ely Driver at 3 p.m.

II.Approval of MinutesEly Driver

III.Officer Reports

Communications OfficerRick Bower

New Faculty Council e-mail listfcouncil-l@listserv.pstcc.edu

TBR RepresentativeDave Vinson

Faculty Sub Council: Meeting April 11; agenda is due by last week of March.

Summer pay: President of SW State requested & was granted an exemption to 1/32nd rate. 

E-mail Dave if you want a summary of the information available on this issue.

SecretaryCata Folks

See New Business below for Nominations for Faculty Council Officers for next academic year.

President ElectKathy ByrdNo report

PresidentLisa Bogaty

Promotion/Tenure Policy & Academic Calendar: Motions from Steering Committee

Motion 1

Faculty Council Promotion/Tenure Committee will review and revise the promotion/tenure policy to meet TBR guidelines and reflect current practice and procedures.

Motion carried.

Motion 2

Faculty Council Promotion/Tenure Committee will review and revise the current faculty evaluation schedule to reduce the load on faculty and department heads during the beginning of Spring Semester.


Kathy Byrd asked Lisa whether anything was known about how this procedure will be changed.

Lisa responded that the new Institutional Effectiveness Calendar gives more leeway to the process.

Kathy asked what the new deadline for evaluations & promotion applications would be.

Lisa replied that Faculty Council P/T Committee has the authority to recommend a date.

Motion carried.

Learning Council Meeting:Recap of LC is posted on FC Website.

Campus Wide Identification Numbers (CWID's)

Due to concerns about identity theft of Social Security Numbers, PSTCC is adopting CWID.

Letters will soon be delivered announcing the new CWID numbers, which will replace SS#'s on all documents except payroll & IRS docs.

CWID's will be used on roll sheets and SIS, except for fake SS#'s for students on Student Visas.

Student transcripts will still need to have SS#'s.

Q. Can we now report grades online?

A. Password security concerns would still be an issue in reporting grades online.

New Fifteen-Week Academic Calendar

Proposed 2004-2006 calendars are on FC Website.

PSTCC Web Classes

Total enrollment in these classes has now topped 1,000 students.

IV. Standing Committee Reports

Adjunct FacultySellers, Feezell

Rasey Feezell reported data gathered statewide on adjunct salaries. Only 2 colleges out of the 16 surveyed pay less than PSTCC. Rasey is still trying to get data on salaries based on educational level. UTK pays adjuncts approximately 3 times what PSTCC pays. Roane State pays 10% more.An increase of 21% would be needed to bring PSTCC up to the statewide mean, obviously not likely in the current budget crunch. A more detailed report is available from Rasey.

Promo/TenureJean Jackson/Toni McDaniel

Jean Jackson reported that Peer Review has been completed for the year.

High Performance TeachingElaine OswaldNo report

Faculty ForumPaul BaxterNo report

Faculty After HoursAnita Maddox

Lisa Bogaty asked for suggestions for other places to meet; Cozymel's has been good except for uncomfortable chairs. Let Anita know if you have other ideas.

Rules CommitteeChuck WrightNo report

Booksale/ScholarshipKinggard, Maddox

Anne Kinggard reported that things are going well for the Booksales.

Blount County Booksale has raised an unofficial $1442.50.

V.Unfinished Business

Faculty Council ElectionsCata Folks

Cata Folks, as Chair of the Nominating Committee, reported the following nominations for 

2003-4 Faculty Council offices; all nominees have agreed to serve:

SecretaryCarol Luther

Communications OfficerCindy Alexander

TBR RepresentativeDave Vinson

A call was made for additional nominations; none were made.

All nominees were elected by acclamation of Faculty Council.

In addition to the above officers, current President-Elect Kathy Byrd will be President for 2003-4.

Vl.New Business 

Faculty Council response to budget cuts

Lisa Bogaty reported on Ron Kesterson's responses to questions about the budget cuts.

Faculty Council's annual allowance of $1200 will continue next year.

See FC Website for Ron Kesterson's data sheet on the 5% impoundments for current fiscal year, most of which were accomplished using the "rainy day fund" of $300,000. Next year, these reserves must be restored, leaving much less leeway for the additional cuts mandated for 2003-4. There has been some talk of tuition increases, even of an increase that would hit 4-year schools harder than community colleges, but there seems no base of public or political support for the latter idea.

Summer school decisions have not yet been made. Reassurances were offered that no full-time faculty will be cut, but 20-30 full-time staff positions will have to be eliminated if the forecast for next year proves correct. No decisions have yet been made at the state level, and nothing can be decided here until we get the state's budget for the next fiscal year. It is expected that this information will be available by mid-April. Hopefully, individuals affected will be notified before public announcements are made about their positions.

Perspective on faculty transfers

Lisa Bogaty expressed concern about the need for a clearer policy on transfer between departments, particularly in the staffing of the new education program. Issues such as budgetary restraints on new hires, qualifications, costs of national searches, and effect on P/T decisions were discussed, all with the assumption that the receiving department wants to accept the faculty member making the transfer.

Donn King introduced the following motion:

Motion 3

Faculty Council will formulate a suggested policy through the Promotion and Tenure Committee to deal with internal transfers.

Motion carried.

Outstanding Faculty

Lisa Bogaty urged Faculty Council to encourage all faculty to vote for candidates for the Outstanding Full-Time and Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Awards.


Faculty After Hours will meet at Cozymel's Friday, March 7, at 3:30 p.m.

VIII. The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cata Folks

Recording Secretary