Pellissippi State Faculty Council

March 16, 2005

Distance Learning Classrooms, all campuses


     I.     Call to Order                            Kathy Byrd                              3.15 pm


    II.     Approval of Minutes                 Kathy Byrd


   III.    Officer Reports


·        President                                  Kathy Byrd


·        From Learning Council

            Committee on the College Catalogue: Parts of the catalogue will now be solely on-line.  The printed catalogue will become a guide for new students.  The on-line version will be a reference for all students.

            Honor roll for Part-time students has been endorsed by Learning Council and is now in the logistics phase of development.

·        From other groups in Nashville

·        Senate Bill 148, sponsored by Sen. Fowler, calls for a moratorium on the development of online courses at TBR institutions.

o       MOTION:  That Faculty Council send a letter to the Education Committees of the Tennessee General Assembly, regarding concerns surrounding the moratorium proposal.    MOTION PASSED at the February meeting of Faculty Council.    

§         Per the Faculty Council motion above, President Byrd wrote the House and Senate Education Committee chairs expressing the faculty’s concern about the proposed bills.

           Byrd reported that TBR representatives are having meetings with legislators regarding other bills which would affect higher education.  She reported that President Edwards is also meeting with local legislators for the same purpose.



  IV.     Committee Reports


·                                                                    Steering Committee                        Kathy Byrd

MOTION: That the Evaluation Committee of Faculty Council send the email regarding the use of student perceptions in faculty evaluations.  MOTION PASSED


               Presentation of the Faculty Senate Constitution: President Byrd will send the proposed Senate constitution to the faculty via email on 17 March.  The 20 April Faculty Council meeting will be largely devoted to debating and voting on the constitution.


·        Adjunct Faculty            Jonathan Morrell           no report



·        Promotion-Tenure        Don Thomas/Janice Rowland  no report



·        Student Scholarships                 Jonathan Lamb/Tony Crossland

o       The 2005 Faculty Council book sale netted $5,500.00 for student scholarships.


·        Rules                                        Don Thomas     no report



·        Nominating Committee Jonathan Fowler           no report


·        Evaluation                                 Wanda Scarbro            no report


·        Faculty Forums                         Paul Baxter/Elaine Oswald        no report



·        Summer Issues                         Don Thomas                 no report



·        RODP/Online Courses Paul Ramp                    no report


    V.    Unfinished Business                                                                                          none


VI.              New Business

                •Dave Vinson reported on a pending TBR motion which would provide incentive bonuses to college presidents.  Bonuses would be paid out of current college funds and would be awarded based on improvements in retention, graduation rates, cost containment, fund-raising, and Despite opposition from most TBR college presidents, the policy will likely be adopted by the TBR at their upcoming meeting.



  VII.    Announcements                                                                                                none



   IX.    Adjournment                                                                3.45 pm