Faculty Council

April 2, 2002

I.The meeting was called to order at 2:00.

II.The minutes of the March 5 meeting were approved as written.

III.Officer Reports

President Lisa Bogaty recapped the Faculty Council’s work during 2001-2002, emphasizing that the total number of participants in Council-sponsored activities was 668.

Academic departments and adjunct faculty are in the process of electing Steering Committee representatives.

IV.Standing Committee Reports

The Promotion-Tenure Committee met in March and revised the wording of the tenure policy to reflect the fact that the peer group for tenure candidates is tenured faculty in the candidate’s department. The revision was sent to the office of Vice President Peggy Wilson.

Adjunct representative Wanda Sellers reported that 78 adjunct surveys were returned, with salaries, job security, and insurance and retirement benefits heading the list of concerns. Sellers will meet with Dr. Bruns to review the results of the survey.

The High Performance Teaching committee met its goal of holding four workshops for faculty during the year, according to Chair Joan Easterly. Each session was well attended (131 total combined attendance), and the committee invites suggestions from faculty for topics for next year’s workshops.

Student Scholarship Co-Chair Annie Gray reported that the booksale, coordinated by the English Department, brought in a total of $6,087.60 for scholarships. This year marks the first time all four campuses have held separate sales. Totals for each campus:

Blount County$1,137.75

Division Street214.50

Magnolia Ave.306.75


Gray expressed appreciation to the many faculty members who chaired subcommittees and worked to make the sale a success.

V.Unfinished Business

Reporting for the Evaluation Committee, Toni McDaniel informed the faculty that Dr. Bruns has agreed that no data comparing faculty results will appear on the Student Perception of Instructor report this semester. As policy 06:02:00 states, the information that will be included is the following: “1) sample size, 2) frequency responses to each question, 3) percentage responses to each question, and 4) typed comments.”

VI.New Business

Rick Bower announced that the Library Services survey for students will be conducted in classes which meet Wednesdays at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.In addition, the faculty survey will be sent out in mid-April.

Faculty members are urged to view updates on the TBR website concerning the state’s budget crisis and its effect on higher education funding.

VII.The meeting was adjourned at 3:27.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Byrd

Recording Secretary