Faculty Council

April 2, 2003



I.              The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Ely Driver at 3 p.m.



II.            Approval of Minutes                          Ely Driver



III.           Officer Reports


                Communications Officer                     Rick Bower            No report


                TBR Representative                            Dave Vinson        


                Faculty Sub Council: Meeting April 11: Send Dave your concerns ASAP.


            Secretary                                               Cata Folks             No report


                President Elect                                      Kathy Byrd          


                In addition to officer elections, Ely Driver will stay as Business Officer through next year    and Donn King will serve as Parliamentarian. Kathy thanked them for agreeing to serve.


                President                                               Lisa Bogaty          


                Motions from Council


F.C. motions on PT process & calendar were presented to L.C.


Transition to new officers


Next FCSC meeting will serve as transition between this year's & next year's SC.


Department/Campus/At large reps next year


The process for selecting reps was discussed.


Faculty Council Budget


Measures to bring in more funds in order to compensate for the inadequacy of the FC funding          were discussed at FCSC. Travel costs for Dave to attend TBR SC will be underwritten for            remainder of this term.




Defibrillator:  Available in the Recreation Center; P.E. & Security are trained to use it.


Retirement Incentives:  No hope for passage--considered too costly.


Catalog Addenda:  Small booklets to add to current catalog.


Air Pollution Control Board:  Representative of PSTCC needed.


Plagiarism Committee (Annie Gray & Susan Thomas): Developing added component to library          tutorial, website, & college academic misconduct policy. College In-Service on plagiarism.


FERPA: Restrictions on information which may be given out about students--applies lifelong.


Committees:  Tell department heads if you want to serve on a particular committee.


Budget: Dr. Edward’s concerns:

·         Lottery: Only 5% of lottery scholarship funds expected to go to community college students; technical certificates not funded at all.

·         Tuition: Amount of tuition increase will determine level of funding for next academic year, to be decided by end of April.

·         Faculty response: Continue sending ideas.


IV.           Standing Committee Reports 


                Adjunct Faculty                                                   Sellers, Feezell                                     


See motion below.


                Promo/Tenure                                                       Jean Jackson/Toni McDaniel             No report


                High Performance Teaching                               Elaine Oswald       No report


                Faculty Forum                                                      Paul Baxter            No report


                Faculty After Hours                                            Anita Maddox     


                If anyone wants to get together this coming Friday, let Anita know.


                Rules Committee                                                  Chuck Wright       No report


                Booksale/Scholarship                                         Kinggard, Maddox


                Anita, who was unable to attend, sent the following report:


“We had about 50% of the usual number of books donated at main campus – not sure why – economics, the war, who knows. Total sales to date: $4,273.15; with Gaye Bryant’s prints ($400) the grand total: $4,673.15. Many thanks to all and everyone who worked, bought books, or helped in any way – especially the folks in the library."


In discussion it was noted that the single collection point might have hurt donations & that these remarks were not applicable to all campuses. Library will be conducting the book sale next year.



V.            Unfinished Business                          


                Outstanding Faculty           George Cox


                Motion 1


                Faculty Council recommends that only full-time faculty, as defined by the Promotion/Tenure          process, be eligible for the Outstanding Faculty Award.


Motion failed.



Motion 2


Faculty Council recommends that candidates with the highest vote count receive the Outstanding Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty Awards. In the event of a tie, the appointed committee will decide.


Motion carried.



Vl.           New Business


Faculty Council response to increased class size


Lisa Bogaty proposed the following motion:


Motion 3


Proposed that Faculty Council consider the issue of large class size.


            Donn King proposed the motion be amended as follows:


                Amended Motion 3


Proposed that Faculty Council inform the administration that large class sizes are fundamentally opposed to the mission of Pellissippi State Technical Community College.


After discussion & additional attempts to reword the above motion, Donn King asked permission of the body to withdraw the amendment.


                Several additional attempts to reword the motion were proposed and withdrawn:


                Motion to table was made and failed.


                Finally, the following amendment of the original motion was proposed:


                Motion 3, Amended


                Faculty Council proposes that program faculty must have final say in determining courses to         be taught in rooms capable of holding more than fifty students.


                Motion carried.




Rasey Feezell proposed the following motion:


Motion 4


Proposed that Faculty Council propose to the State Legislature that 50% of all lottery revenues be distributed to all Tennessee colleges and 50% be used for scholarships.


Motion failed.


Study of Full-Time versus Adjunct Salaries


Rasey Feezell proposed the following motion:


Motion 5


Move that Faculty Council send the salary study document presented by Rasey Feezell at F.C.S.C. to all TBR schools.


Motion failed.


VII.          Announcements


                There were no additional announcements.



VIII.        The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Cata Folks

Recording Secretary