Faculty Council 

September 4, 2002

I. The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Leon Jones at 3 p.m.

II.Guest Speakers

Q & A Session, Computer ServicesJerry Bryan 

1.New Outlook e-mail system is being installed during this semester on faculty computers. The installation was necessitated by the age of PSTCC6, which supports our old system but could fail any time. Faculty will be contacted at least one day before the techs come to install the new system on their office computers.Adjuncts and students are already on the new system.

2.Computer Lab upgrades: Jerry explained that these happen on a 3-year cycle, so 1/3 of the labs are done each year. Faculty upgrades are supposed to take place every three years, but the cycle has been affected by the budget crunch. Faculty teaching computer or online classes have priority after the student labs.

3.    Other: Jerry answered other questions concerning the e-mail transfer, computer labs, etc.

Moving Web PagesDavid Smith

1.Dave is willing to help anyone moving Web pages from PSTCC6 to PSTCC7.

2."Promote Your Event" allows faculty to obtain "one stop shopping" publicity for campus events by clicking on the Calendar part of our Website.

III.Officer Reports

Communications OfficerRick Bower

If you know of adjuncts not getting Faculty Council e-mails, please let Rick know.

TBR RepresentativeDave Vinson

See F.C. list mailings.

SecretaryCata Folks

The Minutes from the Faculty Council Retreat in July will be posted on the Faculty Council Website as soon as reports from the committees at the Retreat have been completed.

President ElectKathy Bird

PresidentLisa Bogaty

Load determinationBogaty

Q. What policies guide granting faculty more/fewer credit hours than a student received for a course?

A.More credit:for TWAV or Web classes that exceed the normal limit, since it is not always possible to split these classes at the last minute. Less credit: only happens if a faculty member volunteers to teach a class that hasn't "made" under the normal rules.Faculty will sometimes choose to do this in order to accommodate students who need the class to graduate.

Carrying load hours forwardBogaty

Dr. Bruns indicated that, although not covered by TBR policy, TBR will allow faculty to carry extra load hours over from fall to spring, but not from spring to fall.

TBR Tenure Policy ReviewBogaty

TBR is concerned that some TBR colleges make the granting of promotion and tenure almost automatic.The lack of A.A.S. members on the TBR committee needs to be addressed because there may be differences in criteria for those faculty. Questions were raised about whether this review is the first step in TBR instituting post tenure review.

Policy on family members in classBogaty

Although TBR does not prohibit family members from taking a relative's class, PSTCC does.Since there may be situations where a student has no choice, Dr. Bruns has agreed to consider exceptions to our policy.Faculty Council agreed not to change the official policy.

Overload PaymentsBogaty

Lisa will raise the issue of overload payments with Dr. Edwards.

IV.Standing Committee Reports

Adjunct Faculty CommitteeRasey Feezell, Wanda Sellers

Work is underway to have each department appoint an adjunct rep who can report adjunct concerns in that department to the Adjunct Faculty Committee.

Promo/Tenure         Jean Jackson/Toni McDaniel

P/T Committee Reps are needed from each department at this time.

High Performance TeachingElaine Oswald

Watch for ads--topic will be a surprise.

Faculty ForumPaul Baxter

Faculty After HoursAnita Maddox

First Faculty After Hours will be Friday, September 5 @Cozymel's, starting at 3:30 p.m. in the Fireplace Room. Stay tuned for other events.

Rules Committee                 Chuck Wright

V.Unfinished Business

Common CalendarDave Vinson

Common calendar has been adopted statewide, but will not affect our summer school. Because our calendar for next year has already been printed, we will not go on the common calendar until the year after next. We need to address summer school issues to our own administration.

Equalization UpdateLisa Bogaty

Lisa will continue to press for full implementation of the salary equalization plan, to Dr. Edwards, and, when feasible, to TBR. Because there are so many discrepancies in which schools have received funding for salary equalization, there needs to be a statewide policy on this matter.

VI.New Business

Division Street Summer SchoolK. D. Lawson

K. D.'s presented a strong case, backed by statistical analysis,for holding Summer Session classes at Division Street. The closure would be likely to hurt programs and enrollment campus-wide and would affect enrollment at Division Street during the academic year,not just during the summer.While the issue needs more study,K.D.asked Faculty Council to consider whether the closure would be in the best interests of the College.

Motion 1

Resolved, Faculty Council supports keeping Division Street open in the summer for summer classes.

Motion carried.

Woodcut SaleGay Bryant

Gay offered to undertake a project of selling her woodcuts of a tulip poplar for F.C. Scholarships.

Motion 2

Resolved, Faculty Council moves to accept Gay Bryant's generous proposal to print copies of her woodcut to raise funds for Faculty Council Scholarships.

Motion carried.

TBR Curriculum ChangesSydney Gingrow/Toni McDaniel

TBR has proposed making extensive changes in the curriculum for all TRB community colleges. After studying the proposals at length, Sydney and Toni presented convincing arguments that this "cookie cutter" approach to standardization of TBR curriculum would stifle creativity by making Tennessee community colleges into "grades 13 and 14."Many of our current courses would be cut out entirely and enrollments would be drastically reduced in many others, since they would no longer be required for a degree.The effects on our articulation agreements with UT could be profound, but there is a great deal of uncertainty about whether these will even be taken into account.TBRseems to be looking only at what will benefit students transferring to TBR schools.Apparently the board has already decided upon the 41 core course requirements in a 60 hour degree curriculum. Of course, this issue is related to continued cuts in the state budget. How should Faculty Council respond?

Motion 3

Resolved, Faculty Council moves to draft a letter of protest against the proposed TBR changes in community college curriculum, which would result in a "cookie cutter" approach to curriculum standardization among TBR schools.

Motion carried.


VIII.The meeting was adjourned at 4:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cata Folks

Recording Secretary