Faculty Council

September 5, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Leon Jones at 3:00.

Minutes of the April 18, 2001, meeting were approved as written.

Officer Reports

Communications Officer Rick Bower is in the process of subscribing new full-time and adjunct faculty members to the Faculty Council listserve. Until that process is complete, he will continue to use the current list.

TBR Representative Dave Vinson will attend the October 19 sub-council meeting, and faculty members with concerns they want him to bring up should contact him.

President Lisa Bogaty reported on two issues.

·The budget

Bogaty reviewed the THEC formula for allocating money to the college.

So far this academic year, $177,000 has been impounded and we should expect further impoundments. Summer semester cost overruns totaled $158,000.

Insurance costs have increased significantly.

Faculty members need to come up with ideas for ways to save money.


Faculty members should keep gradebooks for 4 years for audit purposes.

Committee Reports

The Promotion-Tenure Committee needs members. Faculty members who are scheduled to come up for promotion or tenure this academic year are ineligible for membership on this committee, but others are encouraged to serve. The committee will send information regarding tenure/promotion portfolios to eligible faculty soon.

The High Performance Teaching Committee has three presentations scheduled. The first will feature Dr. Emily Walker, the CEO of Doris A. Walker Academy, who will speak on how to deal with disruptive behavior in the classroom.

The Faculty Forums Committee needs members. Interested faculty should contact Lisa Bogaty.

The English Department is working on this year’s booksale.

The first Faculty After Hours will be held Friday, Sept. 7 at 4:00 at the Cedar Bluff Holiday Inn.

Four motions came to the floor from Steering Committee.

Motion 1: Faculty Council supports bringing the salaries of faculty who remain below the minimum for their categories in the Mercer study up to at least the minimum figure.

Motion carried unanimously.

Motion 2: Faculty Council advocates that Support Staff receive the full 9% pay adjustment required by legislation for completing the CPS certification. The raise should be based on the Mercer-adjusted salary.

Motion carried unanimously.

Motion 3: Faculty Council proposes that the Student Perception of Faculty surveys be conducted at any time from the 11th through the 14th week of the semester.

Motion carried.

Motion 4:Resolved that Faculty Council adopt as a special rule of order the following procedure: No motion from the floor that affects anybody other than Faculty Council may be passed in the same meeting as it is introduced.

Motion carried.

Unfinished Business

Promotion-tenure eligibilty—Lisa Bogaty reported that the motion Faculty Council passed Spring 2001 regarding sections 06:02 and 06:03 of the Policies and Procedures manual has been passed by Learning Council and sent to Peggy Wilson for policy revision.

New Business

Motion 5:Faculty Council requests additional time to investigate the ramifications of the Intellectual Property Statement before employees are required to sign it.

Amendment: Faculty Council requests that the deadline for signing the Intellectual Property Statement be delayed until no earlier than Feb. 1, 2002.

Amendment passed.

Amended motion carried.

Motion 6: Faculty Council shall form a committee to investigate the ramifications of the Intellectural Property Statement and report back to Faculty Council.

Motion carried.

Motion 7: Adjunct faculty should be paid for an office hour if they are teaching a Web course.

Motion carried.

Lisa Bogaty reported for Chad Becker, Director of Facilities/Safety and Security

·The college is currently experiencing problems with theft.

·Cold offices are an energy-saving measure.

·Faculty should make an effort to conserve electricity.

The meeting adjourned at 4:18.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Byrd

Recording Secretary